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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday Rambles: Yes, I realize it's Thursday

Stormy Clouds

Taken in June 2010 in front of my home the same day we got back from vacation.

Here's to another round of Wednesday Rambles created by Crazy Texas Mommy! Yes, I realize it is now Thursday, but we can't go two weeks without some random bits of real life now can we? Maybe we can. At any rate, here is my Wednesday Rambles, posted on Thursday. Be sure to check out more random goodness by clicking the link up at the bottom or add your own Wednesday Rambles to it!

  • Saturday, my five-year-old melted and burned one of his hotwheels while hiding upstairs with a lighter.
  • If you've read My Kids Will Catch Your Kids on Fire, then you know I am rightly concerned.
  • On Monday evening, he lit his hair on fire.
  • Forget about your kids.
  • I have no idea where he's finding the lighters.
  • All I know is that every time I smell barbecue I freak out.
  • Since I live in Texas, you can guess how often that is.
  • My two brothers-in-law are supposed to leave Utah today to start their drive to moving in with us.
  • The Mother Trucker called yesterday afternoon while on the big rig in North Texas to see if we were flooded from Hermine.
  • We were not flooded. Unfortunately, not everyone in my town fared so well. Thanks for WhosPlayin for the video:
  • Apparently, there were also tornadoes.
  • That weatherman is hot.
  • The Mother Trucker also called to tell us that she didn't think her sons were ready to move.
  • Her sons are taking hitchhikers from Price, Utah to San Antonio, Texas before they get here.
  • I also found out they're bringing a cat.
  • Lily is going to love the cat.
  • Lily is my Yorkie.
  • By love, I mean eat.
  • Why no one told me about the cat is beyond me. My husband swears up and down he told me, but I think he is lying.
  • My husband is the one that wanted me to get rid of my cat when we were first married. Jerk.

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