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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Rambles: All I had to Drink was Some Water


It's Wednesday Rambles again where I tell my life in bullet-style randomness. Not that my life couldn't be any more random. But thanks to Crazy Texas Mommy I get to tell it how it is without actually having to write a real post. You're welcome.

  • The murder rate of Mexico per capita is similar to that of Wyoming and Montana. And to think I was living on the edge when I first got married and never knew it.
  • So here's my thinking: The murder rate of Wyoming and Montana is due to the depressing, cold, dismal, windy weather. At least that's my excuse.
  • If I had killed anyone while I lived in Wyoming that is.
  • I'm not a murderer.
  • But Hanna, Wyoming still sucks.
  • I'm still not returning any eggs to the store. Wash your hands, cook your eggs, don't go all Rocky on me now.
  • If you follow me on Twitter, then you might have read all that above last night.
  • I have no idea what got into me except I was sitting in the middle of my front lawn with my Droid and all I had to drink that afternoon was water.
  • My husband is jealous that I went on a walk with an 80-year-old man last night after tweeting all that above.
  • I told him to get a life.
  • By him I mean my husband.
  • Then we watched Wolverine and I never realized how handsome that man is.
  • By that man I mean Hugh Jackman:
  • Someone from my church asked me to take on a new calling (aka volunteer assignment) working with boy kids.
  • I thought about it for a day and then called his wife back and asked her to ask me again in three months because I still don't like my kids after our hellacious summer together.
  • That's right, after a door knocked off its hinges, multiple holes in sheetrock, more stains on carpet including one from a fat black sharpie, a busted window, toiletpaper on ceilings, a burnt fence, and a five-year-old neighborhood nudist I am having a difficult time liking my kids.
  • Loving them, yes.
  • Liking them, not so much.
  • All three of them in school, praise Jesus.
Now it's your turn for some randomness! Write a post and link up below by Friday evening. Because life is too busy to adhere to themes:

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