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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Rambles: A whole lot about nothing

Acid Wash Jeans at Walmart

It's Wednesday again and that means it's time for some mid-week randomness created by the one and only Crazy Texas Mommy. Be sure to check out her Wednesday Rambles which she sometimes posts on other days of the week on her blog.

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  • School started this week.
  • Praise Jesus.
  • No, I still don't feel I've said that too much this week already.
  • POM sent me some 100% pure pomegranate juice before I went on vacation to Utah in June. I was supposed to blog about it and tell y'all the neat nutritive value it contains.
  • All I can remember is that it's great for erectile health.
  • POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice
  • If it's 106 F outside that makes it okay to mow the lawn in my bathing suit right?
  • I had shorts on.
  • It's COLD this morning. By cold I mean 72 F.
  • I realized my neighbor who is a grown man is so short that he is eye high with my boobs.
  • That would explain why he wouldn't look at me the other day.
  • My two brothers-in-law have asked if they can live with us over the fall and winter in exchange for doing work and babysitting.
  • It looks like my husband's Honey Do list may get shorter.
  • Or my husband and I may be setting ourselves up for divorce.
  • Either way, I'm getting another raised garden in the backyard.
  • I really can't believe more of y'all haven't entered the Growing Tree Toys give away.
  • I caught my seven-year-old with a Victoria's secret catalog.
  • I saw this ad in my local JCPenny mail insert...umm isn't this so 1992? Next thing you know button covers will be back in style.
  • JCPenny ad
  • Which reminds me of the pants I found at Walmart while waiting on Crazy Texas Mommy:
  • Acid Wash Jeans at Walmart
  • Oh and I am going to court in less than one week for a juror summons! Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  • I don't understand the whole egg recall thing for cartons of eggs.
  • I mean, ain't eggs inherently contaminated with salmonella?
  • Dude, eating a raw egg is like licking a raw chicken. Just sayin'.

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