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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Rambles: Salvia and Swastikas


Welcome to another week of Wednesday Rambles created by Candance of Crazy Texas Mommy! Want to join in? Want to write a post, but ain't in the mood to write something coherent? Had too much caffeine or NyQuil and now your brain ain't working write?

I totally understand.

Join Crazy Texas Mommy and Screwed Up Texan this week for Wednesday Rambles then! You don't even have to write the post on Wednesday because the linky thing at the end of this post stays up until Friday night! Because everyone gets lazy busy.

Here goes, and don't forget to link up at the end of this post you hear? (Also, check out the NEW commenting system and let me know what you think!)

  • I decided to actually clean my house last week.
  • By "house" I mean downstairs.
  • Cleaning my house gave me serious IKEA urges. Might have had something to do with the new 2010 catalog I got in the mail.
  • So I took my friend to IKEA and bought the Expedit bookcase to separate my living room into two different rooms. Because I felt all designer and crap.
  • Saturday my brother-in-law called to ask me if he could come over and visit on Sunday.
  • He lives in Utah.
  • Which only meant one thing: My husband's mother trucker must be driving this way.
  • He also wanted to know if my husband and I would drive him to Oklahoma.
  • By "him" I mean "him and his mother trucker."
  • I think they must have been carrying fertilizer on that big rig because they were hauling a$$.
  • They got to our town and parked at the Lowes because they thought the Walmart was too busy.
  • We drove them to Oklahoma.
  • Oh, I forgot to tell you why we drove to Oklahoma--my brother-in-law wants to get a job during the fall and winter here because he thinks Utah weather is too cold, so he found a job posting in Wynnewood, OK taking care of animals at an exotic animal sanctuary.
  • I think it'd be perfect for him.
  • I may or may not have had a conversation about chewing Salvia with my mother-in-law (the trucker).
  • Mostly I talked about chewing Salvia to get a reaction out of her.
  • When she asked me why in the world I would want to chew Salvia, I replied, "So I can learn to meditate better."
  • I thought it was a good answer considering the shirt she was wearing:
  • MotherTrucker1
  • Yes, that is a swastika, but I think they mean something else to Hindus.
  • No, she is not Hindu.
  • Actually, I have no idea what religion she is.
  • I've made a new slogan for myself: Trying to be Molly Mormon one shot of caffeine at a time.
  • Notice I didn't type "salvia."
  • Someone should tell her not to wear swastikas in the South. It won't be me though.
  • My brother-in-law looks like Osama bin Laden.
  • After we drove back to Texas my husband's mother trucker wanted my brother-in-law to sleep at our house while she and her boyfriend slept in the big rig at the Lowes.
  • I can only imagine why.
  • When my brother-in-law came over (this was his first visit) the first thing out of his mouth was, "Wow, this house isn't as bad as I had imagined!"
  • I can only imagine how my mother-in-law must have described our place.
  • Damn mother trucker.

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