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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GIVE AWAY! Borden Milk and Udder Goodies


You're welcome for the mental image of a cow's teets.

Borden Milk is sponsoring a great back-to-school give away here on Screwed Up Texan! The prize package includes two t-shirts, 4 cups, two growing charts, two shopping lists, and coupons for EIGHT FREE gallons of milk! And since I live in udder chaos I thought Borden was great for helping ease my pain ever disappearing supply of milk (this sentence would especially work if I were breastfeeding, but I think seven years old is a little too old, don't you?).

Don't drink milk? Well, think of this as a perfect gift for someone else in your life that does.

But first, lets start with some back-to-school healthful eating tips from Elsie the Cow (a real Texan):

General Tips and Healthy Habits for Back to School

  • When heading back to school, it’s important to eat breakfast everyday – studies show that children do better when they start off the day with a meal rich in vitamins, mineral and protein.
  • A healthy routine is important for busy, growing children, incorporate simple healthy habits to continue a healthy lifestyle, such as:
  •  Buy fresh, local products
  •  Eat Three meals a day
  •  Make all snacks a healthy choice
  •  Get three servings of dairy a day – keep single serve reduced or low fat milk available for kids to grab over a soda
  •  Control portions
  •  Exercise and get good sleep

Milk Tips and Background

  • Milk is the ultimate wellness drink – it’s nutrient-rich, containing not just calcium and vitamin D, but seven other nutrients essential for good health.
  • In fact, milk is the #1 source of calcium, magnesium and potassium
  • With 38% less fat than regular milk, this 2% Reduced Fat milk is the perfect beverage for health conscious and fitness-focused families to keep in the fridge. In fact, Borden Lite Line is fat free milk with an extra vitamin boost that can help kids and parents who are on the go.
  • With added vitamins A, D, B12, C and E, this is a great-tasting, fat-free milk that gets you the right nutrients you need in one glass.
  • All Borden Milk is fresh, local and free of added hormones.
  • Borden Hi Protein Milk Plus gives extra protein our bodies need to stay strong and build muscle.

Now for the Give Away details!

To enter the give away all you have to do is visit Elsie the Cow's Facebook page, write on her wall that you're entering's give away and answer this question in the comments section below: How old is Elsie the Cow?

Then sit back, relax, and remember that school starts soon. And if it's already begun for you, well dang (but you can still enter!).

Good luck! Contest ends Friday, August 13th at 9 PM. Winner will be announced on Monday. Make sure I have a way to contact you when you leave a comment!

Disclosure: Borden sent me the exact same product being given away in this post.

Full Disclosure

Oh, and don't forget to visit Elsie the Cow at the Texas State Fair this year!

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Stacie said...

Oh this is so exciting!...because milk is, um, exciting! (?)

Ms. Elsie is 70 years old, bless her heart.

Foursons said...

She's 70 & PLEASE make pick #2!

Teresa said...

Elsie is 70 and I live close enough to you to hand deliver some DP's if it will give me a little extra oomph in the drawing ;) Just kidding.

The Durham Family said...

Elsie is 70! Pick me pick me!

Jamie Allen said...

Elsie? Why that old heifer is 70 this year. I hope she can spare a gallon or two my way.

mtpeke said...

70 yo

Karen said...

Elsie is 70. Pick me and I will share with the Durham family.

Karen said...

Elsie is 70. Pick me and I will share with the Durham family.

Robert said...

Just the udder day I was thinking some chocolate milk would be teet. :)

PennsylvaniaBelle said...

She is old enough to know better, but still too young to care!

Marci said...

Elsie you look great for 70 years young

Sheryl said...

Elsie is 70! And she's looking good! :)

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