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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Best Day of My Life

First Day of School

Monday was the first day of the rest of my life.

Some people say the best day of their life happened when they graduated college.
Others say it was when they married their best friend.
Still others claim it's the birth of their children.

Me? Nope. The best day of my life came Monday, the first day of school, when all three of my children left home and went to school full day. When my day suddenly became quiet. When there was no more arguing or threatening to kill brothers. When I heard nothing get broke. When I didn't hear tattling or ten gazillion questions every split nanosecond. When for the first time in nearly eight years I had a clean home. All. Day. Long.

Besides my kids looked like freakish aliens when they were born.

So, what did I do on my first day of vacation without kids?

  • 7:40 AM: Walked home with my husband.
  • 8:00 AM: Got on the computer.
  • 9:30 AM: Went on a two mile walk with the dog.
  • 10 AM: Carried the dog home.
  • 11:45 AM: Drove to my husband's work.
  • Noon-1 PM: Went on a date with my husband, eating at Subway and Rita's Frozen Ice. Drove home.
  • 1ish to 2:15 PM: Got on the computer.
  • 2:15 PM to 2:30 PM: Tidied things up a little.
  • 2:30 PM: Walked up to the school by myself.

I could so get used to this.

Dear Husband, the status of the job hunt is: NOT HAPPENING. Love, Your Very Spoiled Wife.

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