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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Withloved - Guest post by Gina of The Ginabean


Back in the day, when I was a wee lass living at home with my entire immediate family, scuffles sometimes occurred. And it wasn't just between the brood of boys, either. No, no...I, the lone girl sandwiched between 2 boys on each side, was occasionally involved.

We fought, just like any normal family, see...

At times, my brothers and I would say mean things about each other. Face to face.

That's not to say that our home was one of chaos and hatred. No, we loved each other, but didn't always like each other, if you know what I mean.

On the occasions that things felt less than peaceful, Mom fought back.

With love.

In fact, that's what she called our punishment: "You two are withloved!" This meant that the kids in question (usually me and Vance) had to sit by each other on the loveseat until we liked each other again.


This usually felt a bit cruel and unusual, if you catch my drift. WHY would Mom inflict us with each other for (sometimes) ridiculously long periods of time when she knew full-well that we, in fact, didn't like each other?

I already know that I'll be using this with my own crew of kids one day.

If they ever fight, I mean...

Another something Mom did when her children had heated words is this: for every mean thing we said about the dumb kid who, for reasons unknown, God gave us as a sibling, we would have to say two nice things about that kid. Got that ratio? 1 mean:2 nice.

Torturous. Seriously, when you think you hate someone, it's really hard to come up with something stupendous about them. And Mom wanted TWO stupendous things. Not an easy task, just so you know...

Now that we're all grown up, we think only the best of one another. Isn't that you and your siblings too? -Okay, not always, but try this one on for size: You are your own worst critic, don't you think? I actually have a pretty healthy self-esteem. But man, sometimes life happens fast and I feel little and insignificant, and when lots of crap flies, it's sometimes hard to find the good in one's self.

There there, little ego.

So. In light of the aforementioned "punishments" a loving mother inflicted on her chillins, I'm going to inflict the same punishment on myself.

I am going to come up with two good things about me. FOR ALL THE WORLD TO READ.

Are you ready?


#1. I've never made a bad apple pie. I'm being completely honest here, folks. Alright, sometimes I've made ugly apple pies, but DANG, they always taste good. REAL good. The recipe is found

#2. I can change at darn-near lightning speed. Seriously, I'm quick at changing wardrobe. Out of church clothes (tights included!) and into jammies (booties included!) in no time flat. Okay, so I've never technically timed myself, but I'm faster than you, I'm sure of it. Here's a comparison; I'm the female equivalent of Clark Kent/Superman (minus all those special powers, I mean). Think about it, though; you've seen it in the movies and cartoons: CK enters a phonebooth, and before you've had time to blink, Superman emerges! I'm that fast, people.

What about you? What are your mad skills? It's definitely something worth thinking about...

*The Ginabean hails from Utah, but currently resides in Idaho where she gets paid to help children and adolescents achieve stellar speech and language skills. Her favorite past times include (but are not limited to): hiking, softball, reading, cloud-watching, laughing, traveling & eating. She thinks the two biggest geniuses ever born were Jim Henson and Dr. Seuss. She believes there is always room for Jello, and she's never met a banana she could palate. The Screwed Up Texan would like to interject right here and say that there's always room for bananas, and she's never met a jello she could palate...has something to do with all that Deseret jello she had as a kid.


Anonymous said...

Lets see... I am very self-confidant (bordering on stubborn, prideful and vain) and I'm a pretty darn good cook! I had to put a meal on the table by the time I was 11 because my mom spent 10+ weeks flat on her back due to a pinched nerve

ForeverRhonda said...

Awesome post! I think when I have more children I will borrow your mom's form of punishment!!

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