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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SNACHO HOUR - Guest Post by Nat the Fat Rat

I have had this note on my laptop all week long. It says, "Tell the story about what The Holbs is missing out on when he plays Solitaire on his cell phone every night in bed."

Aren't you intrigued?

There are certain things in life that are just facts. Like this. The longer I am awake, the snackier I become. It's sort of an inverse relationship, you see. The later in the night the worse it gets. At 9:30 I am thinking I could go for some something and then by 10:45 my mouth is making all sorts of unreasonable demands.

The Holbs too. That's why we call 10:45 "Snacho Hour" at our house. I will be in the studio doing studio type things, and The Holbsnacho will be on the couch "studying" (aka channel surfing with his books open on his lap), when suddenly I will hear a stirring in the kitchen as The Holbs is messing about in cabinets and fridges and shredded cheese bags.

"Is it snacho hour?" I call,

and he answers,

"You want some?"

and I always say,

"No thanks,"

even though I really mean,

"Yes please!"

And then I try to steal chips off his plate

when I think he's not noticing.

Traditions are good for a marriage, I think.

I also think is that bedtime is a weird time when you don't have kids/your husband is a student/you don't have set hours you need to keep. Picture it. Bedtime could be 10:00. Bedtime could be midnight! Bedtime could be 2:30AM after you've leaked all your brain parts out onto your keyboard from too much Internet surfing. Do you see how this gets tricky?

A few weeks ago in church the second counselor in our bishopric issued a challenge to the youth to "unplug" for an entire week. Seven days. No Facebook, no email, no texting, no cell phone games, no Wii or whatever it is the kids are playing these days. Can you imagine? I can't. Anyway, I don't have to, I'm a youth leader. Being a youth leader means I get to do all the fun things in Young Womens and skip all of the lame stuff. Like Girls Camp. Pretty cool thing about being old, you know.

The bishopric member asked of the youth, "What do you think I'm missing out on when I play games on my cell phone instead of playing with my kids?" The youth pondered.

I leaned over to Kim, who is like me and relishes not having to do stuff you don't want to do(especially since she is the bishop's wife), and I said under my breath,

"What do you think The Holbs is missing out on when he plays Solitaire on his cell phone every night in bed?"

To which Kim replied,

"I will so pay you five dollars to say that out loud."

And I thought about it, but, five dollars? Seriously, Kim?

So, now you know the story about what The Holbs is missing out on when he plays Solitaire on his phone every night in bed.

(But sometimes when I come to bed it is with blue-toothpasted pimples on my face. And what then?)

**Natalie blogs as Nat the Fat Rat at, well, Nat the Fat Rat. She desperately wants to be your friend.


DangGina said...

I think I love your bishop's wife. I wonder, though, how much would she have had to fork over for you to say that out loud at church...?

Anonymous said...

LOL! I play Solitare in bed on my phone every night but I didn't last night because my eyes start hurting after a couple weeks of that ;) Headed over to Nat's blog now!

Taylor-Made Wife said...

very funny.

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