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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When I Talk About Blackberries

Green Blackberries

I'm not talking about those hand held devices.

My secret blackberry patch is scheduled to be torn down this summer. I've known this for a couple years now and so two springs ago I had my husband dig me up some blackberry starts for our home. We planted five twelve inch tall canes and I watered the heck out of them for a month. Although one of the starts ended up dying, the four remaining starts grew three feet that summer.

Last year they bloomed and I got about six blackberries total, so I continued to harvest blackberries from my secret spot, only telling one person where they were.

Now my secret spot is in a not so private place. In fact, it is right next to a public sporting field where hundreds of spectators and athletes gather on most weekends. What amazes me is that so far none of them have noticed the blackberries or even bothered picking the blackberries some thirty feet behind them. So far.

Knock on wood.

Or perhaps they're just nervous about walking onto private property and picking the danged things. Me, not so much. I am pretty sure I can talk my way out of almost anything. Just ask that cop in Moab, Utah that let me off the hook even though I ran a stoplight and had no insurance a week before I got married.

Fine. He just felt badly because I was bawling. He still called me a crappy driver though.

Which my husband won't let me live down.

Back to the blackberries.

Last week I decided it was time to visit my secret spot of blackberries and see how they were doing since this year I got a profusion of flowers on my canes. So I set off with my kids and husband and sneaked around a big fence so the crowds wouldn't see what I was up to. There were blackberries everywhere!

Secret Blackberry Patch

In fact, I even found the first ripe blackberry of the season!


We braved the fireants and dug up nine more starts and transplanted them at our home. Blackberries, not fireants that is.

So far, one is half dead and that is only because I think my creepy porno neighbor stepped on it.

And in about two to three more weeks I'll be revisiting my spot and picking blackberries for the next year. They're about the only reason I'll get up at 6:30 am so I'll be ready to go as soon as my kids walk to school. It may seem like I value blackberry cobblers, blackberry jams, blackberry muffins and blackberry shakes more than I value my children's education, but then you'd be assuming too much.

In fact, you'd only be half right.


Erin said...

My extended family lives in and around Tacoma, Washington where there are wild blackberries by the millions. And I miss it so much! I will definitely be printing out your muffin recipe. Yum.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...


DangGina said...

Oh. My. Heck. I'm so jealous that you already get to partake in the deliciousness of wild berries. Sad to think I'm still 2-3 months away from enjoying the beauty that is Idaho raspberries. And Idaho huckleberries.

Oh, but the wait will be worth it!

In the mean time, maybe you could think of me next time you're munching on a blackberry muffin?

Sad...I can't stop thinking of my momma's homemade blackberry pie...I might have to go purchase a pie of some variety to get me through this!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Erin, Let me know how you like it!

Mindee, Yes it is!

DangGina, You know, I dont think I have ever had huckleberries...what are they? And those.

DangGina said...

Huckleberries are...amazing. Kinda tart (I don't love them on their own)...but AMAZING in anything! Check it out:

DangGina said...

No, they're still tart, but mixing them with something sweet (like cheesecake or muffins, etc) make their tartness...perfect.

Harmony said...

Before they tear the place down, you will have to post a blog...or just let me know so I can get some plants for my garden! I will even bribe you with Dr.Pepper. :) From the picture they look absolutely perfect!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

We had the BEST fresh fruit last night on our yogurt. Delish.

Grams said...

Some of my fondest memories are picking blackberries before breakfast at my Granny's house in Northeast Texas. We'd have blackberries and cream for breakfast or sometimes she'd cook them down into kind of a syrup and serve them over hot biscuits. Then she'd make blackberry cobbler for dessert after dinner. Yummy!

WeekendCowgirl said...

I help pick blackberries at my friend's place, but I am the only person I know who doesn't care for them. No blackberry cobbler, pie or ice cream for me. But, I love strawberries!
Hope you get your patch growing!!!

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