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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Garden Update: Even the Nights are Better

Wild Plum in Texas

It's been a couple weeks (I think at least) since my last garden update, so it's time for another one! You know you're excited. Oh come on, put on a happy face.

Wonder what I've been doing that's been keeping me so busy the last few weeks that I feel I've been neglecting this blog even though I've posted something on here almost every single weekday? How about these squash and zucchini plants! Already, I'm getting little yellow squash,

First Yellow Squash of the Season

and itsy bitsy cucumbers!

First Cuke of the Season

Not to mention more salad and tomatoes than I can eat (that's what canning's for). Heck, the corn is already getting tassels on it!

Corn Tassles

And I only spend an average of four hours per week in the garden. Thank goodness I have a friend helping out.

I know, I am way too hard on myself.

In addition to all this gardening that I hope will feed my family almost completely over the summer, I've also been out harvesting wild fruits. The dewberries are almost all gone, but the wild blackberries are just beginning to ripen.

Wild Blackberry Canes in Texas

In fact, even the starts I transplanted at my home are covered in ripe, juicy blackberries.

Harvested Wild Blackberries and Dewberries

The wild grapes look lovely this year--hopefully I can get them before annoying kids smash them like they did last year.

Mustang Grapes 2010 Texas

I also found a wild plum thicket. My family called these hog plums growing up, and they are some of the sweetest prizes that nature has to offer.

Wild Plum Thicket

Wild plums ripen at various color stages around these parts, and ripe wild plums of different colors are easily found on the same tree.

Wild Plum in Texas II

I almost have enough to make jelly.

Picked Wild Plums

I also asked one of my neighbors a week ago if I could pick her plums off the purple leaf plum tree in her front yard, of which I got enough to make two purple plum meringue pies and canned the leftover juice. Another neighbor allowed me to pick her apricots off her trees. The unfortunate thing was that about 40 percent of the apricots have apple maggots inside (which jump by the way), so I had to bake them (oh the smell was torture) and then throw them in the garden. However, I did get enough to make seven jars of apricot jam.

Purple Leaf Plum

That's right friends, I've been a 1950s housewife the last few days and you can bet my husband is a happy camper. Well, because it's my belief every guy has a secret fantasy to come home to a domesticated wife. I've even made dinner for him five out of seven times this week.

The payoff you ask? Well, even the nights are better.

Thank you Air Supply.

(You dorks who've never listened to Air Supply will totally not get that last one.)

Ah, well, I'll torture you anyway:

Here's to hoping that song gets stuck in your head the rest of the day...cheers!

(I may or may not know every single word to that song.)


Vanessa said...

Damn you for putting that song in my head right after I read your title.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

How on earth do you have time for everything you accomplish in a day? No wonder your husband is Lost In Love.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Vanessa, You're welcome :)

Mindee, LOL! You're too clever.

Michelle Hoad said...

We are getting tons of yellow squash and cucumbers and our tomatoes are just starting to turn. Our blackberries and strawberries are doing terrific still. I keep checking our watermelon vines and we have so many little baby watermelons. I can't wait for those to be ready. Watermelon is my favorite.

Mystique said...

Hey! I just happened to stumble across your blog, and I must say, your garden is beautiful. I mean really, Where I live, these photo's just seem like pictures you can imagine dancing around in your head, but not really see them in reality. For a messed up texan, youre pretty lucky :)
Oh and youre funny. In a nice way. xD.

DangGina said...

I am so jealous that your garden is thriving already! (Of course I'm happy for you; it's totally possible to be happy for and jealous of someone at the same time, you know.)

And those BLACKBERRIES...oh, they look DIVINE!

Also, I shuddered and gagged at your maggot story. Eeeew, maggots gross me out...

Totally laughing at your "even the nights are better" remark. Bwaha!

Le'Ann Ruggles said...

I am so glad I had my speakers turned off just now.
Oh, and you're making me hungry!

Candance said...

Dude, you need to send me a super secret e-mail with the location of all your wild fruit stuff. Or at least tell me how in the world to find those sorts of things. Cause I don't know and since we're going green (and broke) around here, it would be good to know.

However, there is currently no one in my home that will have better nights due to your telling me.

edgar cabrera said...

please don't shoot me if you find me eating your blackberries in your yard! Beautiful, gorgeous photos!

Foursons said...

I'm going to be making peach jelly any day now!

Weekend Cowgirl said...

Wow, you ARE busy in the garden and kitchen! The squash is lookin good!

Steph said...

Wow! I have been wondering how your garden was doing, and it's freaking awesome! I'm so jealous.

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