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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Before and After


I'm participating in the Before/After blog-hop hosted by Monica of Pixel Perfect. Since I love photography so much (I've been an artist my entire life), then I thought this would be a fun way to practice my photography skills and check out other bloggers' work as well.

If you want to participate in this Before/After blog-hop, all you have to do is post your before photo, straight out of camera, and then post your after photo once you're satisfied with your editing. Once that's complete just tell us what program you used to edit and then link up over at Monica's blog. It's really that simple. What a fun way to show off your work!

The photo I am using this week is one I've already posted here on this blog from my weekend at NASCAR courtesy of Chevy. Here is the "before" straight out of camera (SOOC) shot:

Chevy Crew at Texas Motor Speedway

And here is the "after".

Leanin against Chevy Equinox

I shot in RAW and made a few tweaks before doing my final edits in Photoshop Elements 7. After I was satisfied with my edits, I used Pioneer Woman's Quick Edge Burn and changed the layer to "color burn" and lowered the opacity. That's it!

Be sure to check out more before and after photography right on over at Pixel Perfect!


The Boob Nazi said...

Wow. That's a huge difference. Wow.

cooperkelly4 said...

love how the denim came out! =0)

Anonymous said...

I would love join the fun @ pixel perfect, if I could understand the process. :)
If someone could simplify it and let me know,

Lula Lola said...

The colors and the sky really pop! Love it! Looks like a fun time!

Christy @Living Life As Mum said...

Oooooh I love it! The difference is amazing! Gotta love PW's actions.

RR Mama said...

Stopped by from See Foxes. Love the picture. You did a great job!! The blue in the jeans and the sky is amazing.

Donna said...

I love how you brought life back into the sky. That's one of the hardest things I've attempted.

Of course, the rest of the photo is fantastic too!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Foursons said...

Great job! I love the colors in your edited version.

laney said...

What a great shot! I love the edit and how you made the color pop.

Pixel Perfect said...

Thanks for joining this week! I LOVE the edit! It makes the colors pop!

Sarah said...

Very nice! I love what you did with this.

ForeverRhonda said...

What a difference! I really need to learn photoshop!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Thanks for all the kind comments!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I need Photoshop.

That is awesome!

Sarah said...

Whoa! That is a huge difference. I'm stealing this pic and cropping Lane out for my FB. If that is okay with you.

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