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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Table Talk


Apologies for no blog yesterday--alas, I was gardening at the big garden all day transplanting cantaloupes from my little garden and planting watermelons, peppers, and tomatoes. Trust me when I say I am paying for it today with sore legs and a sore tush.

Today, I thought I'd answer Vanessa's question in the comments that I am sure many of y'all have also been wondering: "I'm just dying to know WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN EATING DINNER before the blessed chairs? I'm trying to picture you and your kids all eating your dinner standing..."

Well, we've been putting the kids at the kitchen table and me and my husband have been eating on the couch. Yes my friends, my family has had a total of two sit down dinners together in the last three or four years. Obviously, we hardly ever invited people over to eat dinner with us, because whenever we did we had to pull out the fold-up lawn chairs from outside and use the piano bench to eat on, pure redneck style. In fact, what really pushed me to finally get some danged chairs was when we invited the missionaries over for dinner last week and my husband and I had to share the same piano bench.

Never again I promised myself.

Since I bought the table chairs last weekend at the garage sales I went to (I'm still beaming at paying $2 a chair), we've had one birthday cake together around the table and three dinners together.

Monday was Southern Battered fish fillets and salmon patties.
Tuesday was Pizza Hut (love the any pizza for $10 deal!).
Wednesday was sausage spaghetti and chocolate cake.


I've realized over the last few days that I've been missing out on some quality time with my family over dinner, which is why Tuesday was also Pizza Hut because sitting down as a family takes some getting used to and that qualifies for a Meat Lovers stuffed crust pizza. What have I been missing out on that undoubtedly you're already used to?

Prayers: Dear Heavenly Father, please help this food to not kill us...courtesy of my six-year-old.

Fun and Games: Bubblegum bubblegum in a dish, how many pieces do you wish? Forty-hundred-two-twenty! Only about fifty times.

Manners: I have never heard so many ffffffs in my life from none other than my husband. When I ask him to stop, he retorts, "Why? My dad used to do it at the dinner table and annoy my mom all the time." Next time he says that, I'm responding, "Yes, and now they're divorced."

Because I'm mean like that.

And I can't stand the farting one more second.

And what about my husband's response to me having dinner ready for him every single day for the last three days: Wow Allie, I feel like you really love me or something.

My only guess as to why he just now feels like I love him: Because it's every family man's fantasy to have a wife who wears a pretty apron and has dinner ready for him when he arrives home from work. Even if he denies it.

PS: Pizza Hut has never heard of me...however if they want to send me free pizza they are more than welcome. I'm sure you'd say the same...


PennsylvaniaBelle said...

I love salmon patties! I haven't had then in years. I like them in a biscuit with a tomato. There should be absolutely no tooting at the dinner table! I have two rules at the dinner table...nobody eats without a shirt on and no being gross!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you are finally enjoying your time at the family table. :D

I don't think I've hardly had meals without those moments at the table... Even if the TV was on. :P (If it's Family Guy or NCIS, count our family in.)

Now that I've been at school, I'm starting to realize more and more just how much I miss eating at the dinner table with my family...

Might write a post on this when I go home. :) I'll link to this one if I do, y'know, so people know it's a response--you gave me the idea, after all. :D

Foursons said...

We don't eat meals at the table either. My husband HAS to watch TV while eating. *sigh*

Mindee said...

I am very glad you all can sit around the table together and your husband HAS TO STOP IT NOW.



ForeverRhonda said...

Gross @ your husband. But my future husband does it too. Yuck.

We eat dinner together almost every single night, it's rare when we don't sit down at the table to eat...I had gotten out of the habit for many years but it's a wonderful time of the day!

DangGina said...

Oh NO he DIDN'T fart at the kitchen table! Unacceptable! No good! He so deserves the little retort you're planning on giving him. Never fart around food!

Which reminds me...once when I was a tween, I came into the kitchen one day for breakfast only to see my younger brother opening the fridge as he lifted his leg and let one rip. How sick is that?! He got a good laugh out of it, but I was so grossed out...

Screwed Up Texan said...

Penn Belle, I love the no shirt rule!

Jennifer, Love to read the post if you post it. Let me know.

Foursons, Thankfully the only tv show my husband enjoys watching are series that come on after 9pm, so we've got that one covered.

Mindee, I agree! Gross!

Forever Rhonda, I know what you mean...we used to all eat together, but that was when my oldest was a baby. Somehow we got out of the habit. I forgot how much I love it.

DangGina, Ew on your bro! I had a roommate in college that "sneaked" swigs of milk directly from the jug. The only problem was that everyone knew she was doing it. Covert fail.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I don't think that my husband and I even ate at our table until after we had Van. =)

Vanessa said...

I loved this post! Thanks for answering my question. ; )

I've got an idea for how you can get your husband to stop farting. Tell him that if he does it, the boys will adopt the habit, too and then they'll do it on DATES with out even realizing it!Consequently, they'll never get married, and they'll live in your house FOREVER!!! He doesn't want that, does he? ; )

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