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Friday, April 16, 2010

I'll be a Deaf Mute by the End of the Weekend

Inside Texas Motor Speedway at Sunset

Wednesday morning I awoke with the dreaded condition--laryngitis. That's right, my voice was gone. You know, you never realize how much you use your voice until you lose it. From calling my son's name at Kohl's to trying to get my children's attentions...all I wanted was my voice back instead of the raspy, high-pitched squeaks that I could produce involuntarily.

I got asked if I was going through puberty one too many times.

I haven't been more frustrated than I've felt the last two days even if my husband was jumping for joy that I'd lost my voice.

I tried hot water with a splash of lemon and honey. I tried straight honey. I tried straight lemon juice. I woke up at two o'clock this morning because the birds outside were keeping me up with their loud partying and tried hot water with a splash of lemon and no honey.

I prayed for better border control. I got the answer that a fence won't solve our problems. Two words for you: Mexican Grackles.

Then I arose from my slumber this morning and stretched and called my little Lily to come snuggle with me. That's when I discovered I've got my voice back. Almost back to normal. However, I am still afraid to talk. For right now I am snapping my fingers at my sons and pointing to them what I want them to do. I've got my own version of sign language going on.

Waiting in Line for Driver Introductions at Texas Motor Speedway

Driver Introductions at Texas Motor Speedway II

Tonight and tomorrow I'll be at Texas Motor Speedway courtesy of Chevrolet enjoying the sights and sounds of the races. I'll get to test drive a Chevy vehicle (Camaro anyone?), although I am saving the Chevy Silverado for last. That's right ladies and gents, I am doing the Driver Introductions again this year. The Driver Introductions are where fans get to drive a professional driver in the back of a Chevy Silverado around the speedway before the races.

Last year I drove the wrong way around the speedway, well because I'm a rookie.

Unlike last year though, my husband is coming along with me and so he may not let me drive. In fact, he may not let me ever out in public again once he sees what the speedway does to me. It turns me into a party animal. Matter of fact, if I ain't careful I'll be both mute and deaf by the end of the weekend.

And Texas Motor Speedway just might put up some better border control when they see me next time.

Danged Mexican grackles get to have all the fun.

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Leiah said...

I start a new job Monday and the attorney I'll be working for will not be there. Why? Because he'll be on his way back from the race this weekend at TMS. I made sure he hated the same driver I did so that I would still be able to go to work for him.

PS: If a little blonde in a Mazda flips you off or exhibits road rage towards you, beware. I was talking to CTM last night and she said she was subbing at the school whose exit is the TMS exit and she was not going to be responsible for her actions. LOLOLOLOL!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I hope you have a great time. It's nice of you to take your husband along this time. Who has the boys?

Screwed Up Texan said...

Leiah, I will be on the look out for her! LOL

Mindee, Oh yah, my boys will be with my long as everything goes as planned.

Mindee said...

Yay! An actual date!

NitWit1 said...

Deaf and dumb at the same time is more than I could tolerate and my husband's glee would infuriate me.

I use Parke davis Throat Discs for sore throat and temporary voice loss. It is an old lozenge--licorice flavor--ugh. It now is just called Throat Discs (Throat Lozenges) 70/box distributed by Monticello Drug. Co. Jacksonville, FL

It also is used by public speakers and singers to rescue them from an unexpected bout of laryngitis.

Andi said...

Sounds like fun! You know, my sister lives in Canyon, near Amarillo and has for over 15 years. Do you know we have never once went to spray the cars at Cadillac Ranch with her? She's done it, but not with me. What kind of sister is that?

Foursons said...

How'd you get the gig to drive the drivers around? We've been to several TX races.

Javier Mendoza said...

Great post can't wait to read your next update and of course see some more of your great photos..hope you had a great time even in the rain!

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