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Monday, April 12, 2010

Gardening, Bluebonnet Photographs, and Interviews


Real Life Gilmore Girl

Remember last September when I said that I may be getting in way over my head with gardening? Well, it's that time of year again and that means it's time to pull out the rakes, shovels, and gazillion seeds my friend acquired through a secret exchange. Which also means you can pretty much guess what I've been up to the last week and over the weekend.

I can't complain too much though, because come summertime I plan to have all my vegetables and fruits sustaining my family whether fresh, frozen or home canned through this garden. Also, I'll be burning lots of calories and eating healthier (minus the high caffeine power energy drink). Anybody know how many calories I burned gardening this weekend while watching my husband plow and my kids pull weeds?

All I know is that I was called a slave driver.

Then someone got mad at me and told me it was time to go home and I said well go and I'll walk home, me not remembering that I live two or three miles away. But it's all about the calories, right?

My dream is to be able to wear a bikini just because I can, although I know that dream will be shattered as soon as my body remembers that I've birthed three boys and I'm addicted to Dr Pepper.

Then again, I may be able to pull off a new advertising campaign with Dr Pepper if I can lose the weight and not the Dr Pepper. I'll tell you how that's working for me later.

Other things I did this weekend:

I took family portraits of TJ Gilmore, my contributor on Screwed Up Texan Recipes, and his family on a hillside full of bluebonnets in a secret spot.


This is one of my favorites of him and his wife:


This is TJ...doesn't he look all politician-like? Well that's because he's running for City Council again in Lewisville, Texas:


After their session ended, I then asked some random stranger taking photographs of his little girl if I could take their portraits and they obliged. This ended up being my favorite shot of them:


I love the bluebonnets in Texas this time of year. It means the days are getting longer and spring is finally here. Warmer days make me want to get outside and put my hands in the dirt. It seems like my stepfather grew a garden every year. Every year I mostly looked forward to being asked to help in the garden. Mostly, until summertime hit and it got too hot. And I wanted to play with my friends. Oh well, I think I can do it--after all, my grandmother's parents were migrant workers from Oklahoma. If they could pick fruits and vegetables during the peak of summer heat, surely it runs through my veins.

Or at least I'm praying it does.

PS: Check out the very funny interview of me by Monica of Pixel Perfect on her blog over the weekend! Um, you might find out something new about me and my most embarrassing moments.


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Holy cow. The colors in those photos are just amazing! Your "secret spot" is impressive - and so are your skills.

Foursons said...

Great photos! I want to start a garden so badly, but I need to wait until my dog stops digging. Don't know when that will happen.

cfoxes said...

Those pictures are beautiful!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Mindee, TJ is the secret behind the bluebonnet spot. I've been sworn to secrecy though.

Foursons, I keep wondering the same thing about my 4 yo.

cfoxes, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love your pics! I have been meaning to take my kids to get bluebonnet pictures also. I have gotten some of my granddaughter. Just not my own kids!

Let me know when you come up with a diet plan that revolves around Dr Pepper!

Absolutely Positive said...

OK, first of win the prize for Best Blog Title! Congrats! There's no prize or anything...just bask in the glory. And 2....those are the most gorgeous blue bonnet pictures I ever seen!!!! I am going to force my family to take me to the Hill Country so I can jolly well see the blue bonnets in bloom. We live in the panhandle, see. Pretty sunsets, not so many flowers! Love the blog!

I'm your newest follower! Through TX blog gals.


Wym said...

ohhh, envy envy envy. Great spot! I am lovin this Texas spring!

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