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Friday, April 2, 2010

Awesome Possum


A few days ago, my two youngest sons came running into the kitchen that I had been cleaning screaming, "Mommy! Mommy! You've got to see this! There's a white piggie under the deck and it smelled us!"

"A what?" I asked.

"A white piggie! Come look right now!"

A white piggie could only mean one thing...

I called up our local Animal Control to see if they'd loan me a cage. At a $50 charge as deposit my husband and I decided we'd see if we could prop up the deck first. Or use gloves.

Or just watch it scurry along the creepy neighbor's fence.


What you see here is not a zoomed in photograph from my camera. Instead, what you see is a photograph taken from just four feet away...multiple times. I've never seen one of these things so calm in my life. Any more calm and it would have been playing dead.

In fact, my husband grabbed it's tale and yanked on it at least four times.

It didn't even flinch.

Awesome possum.

Total size including tail...a good two to two-and-a-half feet long. I've never laughed so hard in my life. Well, except that one time in Oklahoma when my husband did this:

Armadillo Man

Which is why I call him Armadillo Man.

PS: Yes my husband asked if we could keep it, and being the good mother I am I said no. Never. I learned my lesson after the pet baby rattlesnake we had in Wyoming for a week right after we got married. I made him let it go in a popgut hole.

PPS: Anyone know how to get rid of possums humanely? I think it made a nest under my deck.

PPPS: At least I now know what's been taking a dump in my garden the last few days. I may or may not have blamed my youngest.


Amy @ Living Locurto said...

eewwww!! We live in the woods and have lots of critters. There must be something wrong with him to let you get that close... especially to go up and smell your kids. Hope he doesn't have rabies.

How in the world did your husband catch an armadillo?? LOL! We have those things ripping up our yard and my husband has tried to catch them (many times with a golf club) but never can.

KMDuff said...

We have a possum that lives just down the street. She's a huge one. I found a dead baby once and then another time almost walked right into her with the dog. She was ready to fight too. I am surprised he could pull on her tail without being attacked. Those things are mean.

ForeverRhonda said...

There was a cat in our garage once that scared me to death. A regular domestic housecat so I can't imagine what I would do coming that close to wild life. Although we get racoons sometimes in our backyard. Those are neat pictures though. I wish we lived in the country enough that we got wild life more.

Linn said...

I can't believe this thing isn't showing it's mean face. They aren't usually nice and calm.

Kristi said...

Eek! Not sure I'd want one in my yard. Too many rabies stories growing up, I guess.

Foursons said...

Oh yuck! Those things are disgusting! Good luck getting rid of it. I have no idea how.

Weekend Cowgirl said...

We have all these critters and have never found a way to send them on their way!
Did your husband know that in southern states Armadillo's can carry leprosy? Not very common, but in marshy areas very common. Tell hubby to use gloves when handling! I'm impressed. Not sure I would try to hold one!!!

Travis Erwin said...

You should read the possum post I put up earlier this week. Here is a link

Screwed Up Texan said...

Amy, he's fast....really fast...

Km duff, that's what I told him, lol. He just had to do it.

Forever Rhonda, I wish we lived more in the country too.

Linn, kristi, foursons, I agree! I can't believe it was so docile.

Weekend cowgirl, I warned him about the leprosy...but he said he didn't care....EW!

Mindee, I was pretty much thinking the same thing--rats on steroids.

Travis, I read that this week....what a freak!

Nancy said...

Oh my goodness! Can I just say how LUCKY you are! There are no possums here, so when we moved to a narrow strip of possum territory in WA, I was all excited to see them, but I NEVER saw one alive. Only smashed all over the roads when ever I was out running -- which is definitly not an awesome way to see a possum. I wouldn't even minded just seeing one playing dead for crying out loud. Oh well, I'll live through your picture.

Jennifer said...


That's kinda' funny that the possum didn't budge, though. :D

Cen said...

You know, its hilarious how your children and I had the same reaction! The first time I saw a possum was when my mom was driving down this quiet little street, and all of a sudden this white pig-rat thing just calmly scurried across the street after glancing at the lights for maybe a second. My mom and I both thought we must have mistaken it for a cat or something. Then the next time we saw one, it was exactly one meter diagonally to our upper left. We were pulling the car along the driveway, and to our left was this big possum walking calmly along with the same speed as our car on our neighbor's fence. We stopped the car, and it stopped to look at us. I tried to reach at it after getting off the car and it just gave me this sheepish look before walking away.

Man, I had to ask some friends what in the world that pig-rat was the next day or I would have never knew that was a possum. So if you live in a city I think its okay to see such calm possums?

Ours was living in a broken shack between my neighbor's yard and our own. We brew this garlic pepper mint thing and slung the bag of cooked herbs at the shack after spraying the whole area with the brew. It hasn't come out again, dunno if its gone though.

Paula said...

I have heard that if a possum is out during the day, it's sick. They are nocturnal. When I still lived in Texas, I had animal control come out and (shhh..)shoot one because he was sick.

They gross me out!

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness.. but he he kinda cute LOL

PennsylvaniaBelle said...

I have a few possum gave me an idea for a blog! I have seen them very calm...I almost petted one in my Dad's kitchen one night because i thought it was the cat! It was just gonna let me too. Back in Alabama armadillos used to get in our yard and you could walk right up to them and they didn't care.

Melissa :) said...

♥ the possums! The last photo - not so much. Baha! :)

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