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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Texas Weather is Like a Box of Chocolates


We just returned home from vacation yesterday evening, so I am currently in editing and writing mode. I have over two hundred photos to go through and edit, but in the meantime to give you a little eye candy here is a brief synopsis of our trip to San Antonio, Texas for Spring Break:

We left early Thursday morning and drove down south with no real destination in mind. We packed our camping gear, but learned that all the camping spots (or at least the ones we could find) were full, so we drove around aimlessly some more looking for a hotel. After tweeting spots to find hotels in San Antonio, we finally settled on staying with my long lost aunt who I didn't even know existed two years ago and whom I had only met once in person.

Wait til I tell you the story of the long lost aunt.

We then got up the next morning and saw some historic sites in downtown San Antonio, before hiking at Eisenhower Park on the north side of town.

The weather was warm; the skies were sunny. Everything was perfect. Then I check my Droid for a weather update before we headed home the next day:


Gotta give the weather reporter this--at least he has a sense of humor.

We literally went from this in San Antonio:



To thunderstorms overnight to something eerily white at my home the next day:


When I awoke the next morning, this is what was awaiting me:




On the first and second days of spring no less.

Texas weather is like a box of never know what you're gonna get.

By the way, Tuesday it will be nearly 80 degrees F. Take that.

PS: I know it looks like I copied Ree Drummond's, the Pioneer Woman's, Like a Box of Chocolates post, but weirdly enough we were just on the same wave length Saturday. I promise. I was just as surprised. I even tweeted her on twitter and she gave me her stamp of approval for making it looked like I copied her, so there's proof that I am really more creative than I seem. I think.


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Foursons said...

The weather is so crazy! I'm glad you got some temps if even for a short time while in SA.

The Boob Nazi said...

Wow. The Pioneer Woman responded to you? That's kind of exciting!!

Becky said...

Yep! Same here. From beautiful down at Austin/San Antonio/Port Aransas back to snow in Amarillo. Crazy weather. We were glad we did not hit this stuff driving home. Glad you got home safe and sound too. (Psst - I am hearing snow for the Panhandle for Easter.)

Kristi said...

That is some crazy weather! BTW, your house is super cute! I love brick houses.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

In GA, we had a great day yesterday. Today, windy & rainy.

ForeverRhonda said...

We have snow too..and I'm not sure we get 80 on Tuesday. It's really cold make me want to just sit in the house next to my fire kind of chill. Not spring-ey at all.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Foursons, San Antonio was perfect! The weather was great until the cold front, but at least it made me laugh.

The Boob Nazi, Mostly she responds to me because I like Dr Pepper.

Becky, Yes, this year has definitely been our year for snowfall.

Kristi, Y'all don't have much brick in your neck of the cacti do ya :)

Semi-Slacker Mom, I am so excited for sunny and warmer weather tomorrow--finally! Mother Nature is killing me here.

Forever Rhonda, It probably wont get to 80 in Tuesday, but it'll be close for us! Good thing because I bought some plants while in San Antonio...

Anonymous said...

Hi! Great post! I thought Michigan had extreme weather, but Texas beats all I have ever experienced. 80 to 30 in one night. Amazing.

Where is the Hill Country? I am super excited for wildflowers!

KMDuff said...

LOL I think we actually got more snow than you in my suburb which is odd. I'll post pics soon! Can't wait to hear about your auntie!

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