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Monday, March 22, 2010

Roadtrip Cheapwadry - Driving on the Wild Side


Roadtrips are always interesting when either my husband or I am planning them. Or rather, roadtrips are always interesting because most of the time we never plan them. We always have a general idea of what we are going to do and where we are going to go, but we hardly ever make reservations and just the thought of spending wads of cash anywhere fancy is enough to make my husband barf. Actually, I about barfed on Spring Break over spending money, but more on that story later.

As I said in yesterday's post, we woke up early Thursday morning and took off from the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex no later than 8:30 am. The good part of waiting this late to leave was that we missed the rush hour traffic. The bad part was that none of us had eaten, nor were we about to stop once we got on the road.

I had forgotten my high energy powered caffeine drink, so by the time we arrived in Waco I had the beginnings of a headache. I begged my husband to stop and let us get something to eat and drink, but he in his cheapwadry refused to stop at the ten zillion McDonalds on the side of the road. Eventually, I convinced him to stop at Walmart and purchase me and the kids sandwiches and drinks--me specifically a Dr Pepper.

Interestingly enough, the Walmart had a McDonalds, but according to The Hubs it was also in the very back of the store.

So he brought me this instead:


This is what I mean by cheapwad.

So we were back on the road again. Not five minutes into our trip, Google Maps had screwed up our location:


Either my husband is one fast driver or the Waco aliens had abducted us.

(You know why they call it Waco, right? We Ain't Coming Out in memory of the Branch Davidians. Please don't hate me.)

Soon we arrived in Belton, just southside Temple, Texas and apparently my husband was hungry enough because he stopped at a Whataburger on the side of the highway. We ordered our meals and then both my husband and I nearly left without paying for our food. Why? Because both our stomachs sank when we heard the price tag for our fast food meal: $28. Since when did fast food cost so much? Honestly, I've had better meals and they even forgot my strawberry pie which you know I went back to get. Words of advice--when the cashier at the drive up window gives you ten different choices for a kid's meal toy alternative, you know your visit is going to be difficult. We got gummy bears by the way (she even wanted to be sure that's what we really wanted...which should have been our first sign to high tail it out of there).

Austin traffic sucked. Thanks SXSW goers.

Then we were on our way to Canyon Lake...but not before some happy road rage occurred. More on that later...

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Wendybob said...

I think maybe your husband and mine were separated at birth.

*clinks our DP cans together*

Le'Ann Ruggles said...

I have a slightly different problem with road trips. My husbands is constantly thinking about the next food stop. We can eat breakfast and leave the house at 9:30, and he immediately starts asking where we should stop for lunch. Obviously, it's his fault that I can't stick with my diet.

Foursons said...

Fast food is outrageously expensive. I hate it. But I do love me some Whataburger. Yummy!

I'm sure all the SXSW traffic was horrendous. Especially since it fell in the middle of Spring Break.

Hmmm...traffic in Canyon Lake. I'm guessing 306 was a nightmare leading all the way to the dam.

Wym said...

I want a road trip!! Even bad, they are good. Except with a 2 year old.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Wendybob, Yes, but whose Dr Pepper can is bigger?

Le'Ann Ruggles, Girl, I wish I had that problem. My husband thinks obviously thinks an orange a day is fine.

Foursons, No traffic...just an idiot driver...

Wym, Just wait til they're four, Ha!

Little Lovables said...

We took that same roadtrip a few weeks ago. We call it Wacko for Waco... same reason you do!

Marylin said...

I HATE FAST FOOD AND IT'S OVERPRICED SELF!!! Oh but that is my FAVORITE kind of chapstick!!!! :)

ForeverRhonda said...

My fiance is somewhere in the middle, he wants to stop when I don't and refuses to stop when I want him to.

Psh. Men.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Little Lovables, Funny because we call it the same thing!

Marylin, I can't wait to try it out...still trying to figure out how to open the darned thing.

Forever Rhonda, I so understand you on that last one.

Texasholly said...

I think the lip gloss looks great! Hopefully you got normal sized Dr. Pepper later.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Texas Holly, I finally bought me one today. The lipbalm tastes great, although it's so wide I think it was made for someone with hippo lips.

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