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Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Post Shout Out Week 3

Screwed Up Texan

It's time for Friday Post Shout Out where I highlight my favorite posts I've read this last week for all to see! Here's who I'm highlighting and why I think you should click on over and read:

Just Alex - Adults Get Bullied Too - Very insightful and thought-provoking post dealing with personal cases of adult bullying. Also, it's Alex's five year wedding anniversary today!

Chet of the Undead - I've been following this blog since 2008 when I first began blogging. Chet is a "real" life vampire living in Austin, Texas. He's weird, he's a little over the top, but I get a kick out of his blog every time I read it. WARNING: Not for prudes! In his recent post, Are You A Dork?? Take The "Quiz!!", Chet gives funny examples to tell if you are a dork or not. Also, I usually hate auto music on blogs, except for Chet's.

Pixel Perfect - Technology Isn't What It Used to Be...Thank Goodness - Oh I can relate on this one. Before I give it away, check out Monica's blog for inspirational photographs, tutorials, and more!

***Be sure to check out Modern Bird Studio's Interview of Screwed Up Texan (that's me) on their blog! I highlight a few blogs I read there also. Plus it's funny. The interview that is.

Now it's your turn! I'm using Mr. Linky this time and changing up the rules a bit. As I mentioned yesterday, I understand that some of y'all don't have blogs or already participate in a meme on Fridays, so if you'd still like to participate but don't or can't write a post then leave a link on Mr. Linky below to a specific post that you think is worth mentioning. Unfortunately, I don't know if you can add more than one link, so pick your favorite OR link to your Friday Post Shout Out post on your own blog. Remember, please link to a specific post and not just to the main page of a blog or your blogroll.

Add the Friday Post Shout Out button to your blog post if you wish by copying and pasting the following code into your post's html:

  •  Mr. Linky is open now and will not close until Saturday evening (maybe even earlier depending how Mr. Linky works so hurry!) while I'm getting this started to give you more time to gather all those great blog posts you've read this week.
  • In Mr. Linky below, type in the name of your blog and then link directly to your Friday Post Shout Out post and not just to your blog or blogroll OR type in the name of the blog post you are highlighting and not just the main blog page.
  • Please link back to Screwed Up Texan so that others can enjoy all the great blog posts out there.
  • Remember the Golden Rule of Blogging: Comment, comment, comment!! Make our Friday Post Shout Out participants happy!
Hope to see lots of you participate this week!

Remember: You do NOT need to put Mr. Linky on your own blog...just link up here with your Shout Out post. 


DangGina said...

Started reading your book last night; will finish it up today. I have to say, I'm so impressed you've come out the other side of childhood so normal and functional. It must be that God was with you, even if you didn't feel it at the time. My mom had a crummy childhood too, and whenever I hear little tidbits of her childhood, I can hardly believe she turned out so well.

Consider me impressed...

jmberrygirl said...

Thanks so much for this! I enjoy finding new blogs. The Bullying post in the #1 spot was right-on!

Alex said...

Hey There!

Thank you for for highlighting me this week!

I'm off to check out the others :o)

Oh! I read your interview :o) If I read it and your name wasn't mentioned.... I'd still know it was you lol

Thanks again :o)

Pixel Perfect said...

Thanks for the highlight!!!

Screwed Up Texan said...

DangGina, Thank you for reading my book. I'm interested in hearing your take on it.

JMBerryGirl, I agree. Thank you for the comment.

Alex, You're welcome! Keep up the great posts. One day you'll cook like a true Texan.

Pixel Perfect, You're welcome!

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