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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Alamo and I Still Have No Clue Who Jim Bridger Is

The Alamo

I walked in on my husband the other night while he was half-way through the movie, Inglourious Basterds, and sat down on the couch next to him. The scene playing was where Brad Pitt shoots up a room full of Nazi's and when I asked my husband who this character with the Hill Billy accent was supposed to be, he explained and also mentioned that he was supposed to be related to Jim Bridger.

"Who is Jim Bridger? I know of a Jim Bowie, but not a Jim Bridger," I asked.

My husband then said, "Man, that is what is wrong with you Texans...all y'all learn in school is Texas History. I can't believe you don't know who Jim Bridger is!"

It should be noted that after that exasperated statement, my husband didn't exactly explain who Jim Bridger is either.

Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to see and visit the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. Of course I had learned about the Alamo in Texas History as my husband reminded me, but I also saw it in old westerns too. So you can bet I was surprised as anyone else when I walked onto the Alamo Plaza and saw this:


My husband and I looked at each other with questions in our eyes, but neither of us really saying anything to one another. Could this really be the Alamo? It sure doesn't look like anything on television...or in postcards that I'd seen. We snapped a bunch of photographs and went through a walkway, utterly disappointed.

That's when I looked ahead and saw several tourists snapping photographs and standing in a line that stretched around the block. That's when I yelled,

"Honey! I found the Alamo!!"

The Alamo

Yes, it was only slightly embarrassing.

Other views of Alamo Plaza:

Entrance into Alamo Plaza


These tourists reminded me of Mall Cop


Presentation being given at the Alamo that we walked in on half-way through


The six flags that flew over Texas (Spain, France, Mexico, Texas as a Republic, Texas as part of the Confederacy, Texas as part of the United States)


The Alamo even has their very own Alamo Rangers


Model of how the Alamo once looked


Texas Mountain Laurel in the courtyards at Alamo Plaza.


I thought the lavendar flowers looked so beautiful that I ended up stopping at a Home Depot in San Antonio and purchasing two plants for my front yard. Keep your fingers crossed the weather doesn't get down to 0 degrees F next winter. After this last winter, anything's possible.

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Michelle Hoad said...

I would totally throw a stick under their wheels. Yes, I am that mean. How lazy do you have to be to not want to walk around the Alamo. For Texans, it equates to the wailing wall. It's sacred and not meant to be sped by on a goofy two wheeled scooter.

cfoxes said...

Those flowers are beautiful! I do hope that your weather has improved!

A great view of The Alamo!

Vanessa said...

I have never been to Texas...well, I take that back, the Dallas airport for a layover.

This post makes me want to visit.

Jill C. said...

Great shots! I would love to visit the Alamo!

DangGina said...

I have yet to visit your great day, Allie. One day...

ForeverRhonda said...

I have always wanted to visit The Alamo! Oh man...I was once walking through the tunnels under OKC and those segways were plugged in recharging...I almost ALMOST borrowed one.

Foursons said...

I kept looking at your first picture and saying, "Huh?" I couldn't figure out what you took a picture of! Then I got it. Hahahaha

Did you take a picture of the spot that Ozzy peed on?

Travis Erwin said...

As a native Texas I had to take my hat off just to read this post. I have been there many times.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

my daughter whenever she sees a segway ALWAYS says...those are from Mall Cop. LOL.

Wym said...

The Alamo.
What about the fantastic wax museums?

Taylor-Made Wife said...

I don't know who he is either, but then again, I'm a born and raised Texan. I love the Alamo. Its so funny to me that it is surrounded by all the buildings and everything and it used to be just an open field.

Jennifer said...

I guess because I've never looked into it, and because I don't live in Texas, I've never been taught much about the Alamo...

But I would probably be disappointed, too...

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

So who is Jim Bridger?

Nancy said...

I kept thinking "Oh, you mean Jim Bridger the movie star," then, I realized i was thinking of Jeff Bridges. WHAT? I guess the shared "Bridge" in the names was where my reasoning came from? We were laughing at how stupid some of the Amazing Race contestants sounded the other day because they were supposed to go to a statue of Joan of Arc and some of them kept saying, "wasn't that the guy with the boat and all the animals?" But now I see I shouldn't have laughed because that could have been me -- told to go find a stutue of someone famous from the alamo and I'd be thinking, "Oh, is he that movie star?"

P.S. I luahged out loud when you questioned how the guy I saw could have looked less fortunate than Willie Nelson.

Becky said...

It has been years since I visited the Alamo (must see for Texans if you can). From your pictures I can see I need to go again.

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