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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winner of Philips Digital Photo Frame

I had so much fun reading through all the comments left on the giveaway for the Philips 7" Digital Photoframe. Your stories of regifting had me in tears! I even got busted by my friend, Rashella, when I admitted to regifting her chocolate sauce. Here's a sampling of your confessions:

From Chris: "We've got a stash of unopened gifts for emergency re-gifting, but my most embarrassing re-gift came when I gave a couple books back to my dad that he had given me. The subjects just seemed to fit him better, and I completely forgot where they came from."

From  ZiptheUsa: "Yes, I have re gifted. One Christmas eve my sister in law gave me the ugliest Christmas sweater on the planet! It was bright turquoise with cowboy boots all over it sequins, stars and beading. The only way you could actually tell that it was a Christmas sweater was because each cowboy boot had a wreath around it. I was horrified to say the least, but KNEW I had to wear it the next day. To make matters worse that was the year I slept through Christmas morning. My son got up ahead of me and opened all his gifts without me! After a good cry I had to don that sweater and face my family for Christmas dinner. Luckily I avoided the camera so there is not a picture to commemorate it. The very next year I donated it to a white elephant gift exchange where it was actually fought over. Whew I feel better confessing that, now can I have that killer photo frame?"

From  Mindee: "Yes I totally have regifted. It's good for the environment."

From DangGina: "Oh. Boy. I've totally regifted. Not that it's a common occurrence, but this one is bad: one Christmas I got this sparkly, scented lotion set. (Yes, I said sparkly.) I have never been super girly, and I do NOT love glitter on myself. At all. The very next Christmas, I regifted that same boxed set of sparkly lotions. Turns out, it was on my way home from delivering said gifty, that I had regifted it back to the girl who gave it to me in the first place! Oh, the SHAME! And sadly, this is a true story. (I hope this makes me a winner of this regifted gift, cause I'm too cheap to buy a digital frame.)"

Seriously, if you haven't read through all the comments, go back and do it now!

Y'all made me crack one point I was reading comments aloud to my husband and he even managed to smile. Mostly because we realized we aren't the only cheapwads brave enough to admit it.

Out of the 61 entries, 55 were eligible to win. For those that left more than one entry in the same comment, unfortunately I had to only count your comment as one, and only if you told me whether or not you had ever regifted. I used Random Number Integer to pick the winner, and I must say that I am extremely happy to announce that Rhonda of Rhonda Out and About is the winner of the Philips 7" Digital Photoframe! (Rhonda, contact me so I can get your mailing information to send this baby to you.)

Rhonda's Winning Comment: "Because I can't follow directions. Here is my SEPARATE comment stating I tweeted this. :)"

Rhonda's Confession:  "I donate things I don't want all the time. I'm planning on re-gifting a bottle of wine I got at the office bottle exchange, I don't drink wine, I barely drink at all...Also I tweeted. I really want the frame. BAAAD. I want to put it on my office desk. FYI the bottle of wine came from my boss. IF it makes me win I'll save the wine until next years bottle exchange. :)"

Everyone, go congratulate Rhonda in the comments and I'll be back later today or possibly tomorrow with another fun and humorous post. Don't forget to check out Rhonda's blog, Rhonda Out and About too! Be on the look out for upcoming giveaways by yours truly.

A big thanks to James Wood Auto Park for giving me the digital photo frame. Without them, this regift giveaway would not be possible.


Vanessa said...

Boooooooooooo! J/K. Congrats to Rhonda!

ForeverRhonda said...


Thank you Thank you.

I'm going to lurve that frame! I am putting it on my desk at work and it's just going to be the greatest thing ever!!

DangGina said...

Initially I didn't comment because I didn't win. But then I remembered I'm way better than that, so CONGRATS, RHONDA! I'm really pretty happy for you!

Screwed Up--I'm so glad you commented on my brother's blog. That's a rather embarrassing moment, I've gotta say. One day when I reproduce, I'm sure my kids will find millions of ways to embarrass yours truly... :)

Anonymous said...

Good news! I have an award for you so stop by my blog and grab it, you deserv it! It is the Happy 101 Award..

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