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Friday, February 12, 2010

Nine Years of Valentines, Nine Inches of Snow

Nine lovely years ago, my future husband and I met. We went on our first date to the Fort Worth Zoo on February 2nd. I thought he was weird; he had fallen head over heels for me. I had dated a total of seven men before him, had four boyfriends, and kissed every single one of them. Passionately. My husband on the other hand, had maybe had one girlfriend (he's still not sure if it was official to this day especially after he threw her cat off his front porch) and had kissed no one.

So on Valentines Day 2001, after a homemade meal of baked lemon chicken and sparkling fruit juice, the man that would in four more weeks become my fiance, handed me one yellow rose and a box of chocolates, then leaned in, backed off, and opened his mouth to ask me a question:

"Allie, I want to try something. Close your eyes,"

So I closed my eyes, knowing full very well what he wanted to try, and he had his very first kiss.

I'm so promiscuous.

But it was the best first kiss I had ever had.

In March he asked me to marry him. The last week of May we drove from Texas, through New Mexico, up to Colorado, and then on to Utah where we were married on June 1st. That's right, our entire dating, courtship, and engagement period before we got married was four months. I still can't believe it. We then moved to Colorado Springs, on to the Armpit of the Universe (Hanna, Wyoming), back to Utah, and then back to Texas one late hot summer in 2003. We had one son during that time and I was pregnant with number two. Our second son was due mid March of 2004, so our Valentines Day that year was a huge contrast from our Valentines two years previous.

I was huge. I was frumpy. I was bloated.

And it snowed. The most beautiful blanket of snow I had ever seen in North Texas. The most beautiful blanket of snow...that is until yesterday. Yesterday we received nine inches of snow. N-I-N-E.

Let me say that one more time: NINE inches of snow. NUEVE Pulgadas de Nieve. Record snowfall.

I don't know if we'll have snow on Valentines Day this year, a mere two days away. But this I do know--the last nine Valentines Days with my husband have been mostly wonderful and always full of love. Even if it didn't feel like it at times. What better way to celebrate our days together than with nine inches of snow. I think it's a sign I better go out and make the most of it before it melts.

PS: Some of these photographs will be available in my Screwed Up Texan Etsy Shop.


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I love this story. I love that your husband waited for his first kiss.

Gloria said...

A very sweet story!! Love it!

Suze said...

OMG this so so are like the best blog writer!

Foursons said...

What a sweet story. I love it! And can you send some of that snow south on IH 35?

Screwed Up Texan said...

Mindee, Me too...

Gloria and Suze, thanks!

Foursons, You should come up and play in it!

NitWit1 said...

How sweet. Previously I heard of a courtship and marriage in two weeks.

Surely was shorter than my 13 year marathon I have been blogging in a series. Monday in Part 5 I finally make it to the alter

Y'all got almost what we in AR had last week 10 inches. I was astonished at Dallas and 12". I lived in Denton for 7 years and endured ice and snow but nothing like that.

enjoy Valentine's day snow or no snow!

Screwed Up Texan said...

NitWit1, I found Parts 3 and 4 of your story, but I havent been able to find the other two. Could you post a link to the end of the fourth or fifth one with links to each?

FluffyChicky said...

Seriously, we could be twins. Your dating/marriage story is almost identical to mine. Freaky.

Karen said...

I so wish I could have figured out how to get my husband to the alter that fast. There are times when I look back that it felt like I was dragging him there, kicking a screaming.

Very sweet story and WOW on the snow!!! So beautiful!

Bruce Nunnally said...

It seems to me that marriage success is about treasuring and adoring your spouse, and having the good luck to have married well. It sounds from your lovely post that you are in good shape for the next few decades as well.

Screwed Up Texan said...

FluffyChicky, Awesome! You must tell me yours.

Karen, Ah, we were just "very attracted" to each other and wanted to get to the alter before we "did anything". Just keepin' it real. I now, TMI.

Busymom3 said...

I love this story! Our first Valentines day togeter was 14yrs ago and if memory serves it was the night he gave me our first kiss under the street lamp in the Red Lobster Parking Lot, seems like a million years ago!

ForeverRhonda said...

What an awesome story.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

Happy Valentines Day! Thank you for the comment on my blog, I will consider it a Valentine card of sorts! =)

Screwed Up Texan said...

BusyMom3, So cool! I still have never had lobster before...on my bucket list now.

Forever Rhonda, Happy Valentines Day to you too!

Sell...Party of 4, You're welcome! and Happy Valentines to you too!!

Wym said...

We moved to Texas from Colorado Springs in 2008. I MISS CO!

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