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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm So Excited and I Just Can't Hide It!

As you already know, I ran out of my caffeine drink three weeks ago. For normal people that would be okay. For me I was ready to throw all the Walmart Great Value brand powdered drinks off the shelf that had replaced my coveted Power Edge. That's right--my coveted 160 mg of caffeine drink per packet Taste of Nirvana. The only thing that got me going in the morning and kept me from sleeping all day, being forgetful, and feeling physically cold.

Which is how I got hooked on caffeine in the first place--discovering that caffeine warms my body up.

The first week without my caffeine included lethargy, followed by headaches, flashes of light, and full-blown PMS. If you've ever been around me with PMS, then you know what it's like to be around a rabid wolverine. Dr Pepper helped only a little bit. I bought some other energy drink packs that weren't much better than the Dr Pepper. I looked online. Then I went to Walgreens thinking I could find an energy drink or at least some caffeine pills late one night.

Nothing. Nada. Zip. (However, somehow I still ended up purchasing $25 worth of stuff...dang impulses.)

As I was going through the checkout lane the manager asked if I had found everything I needed. I answered her in full addict style: "No, I was looking for some caffeine pills or drink and you don't have any with enough caffeine. I mean you have some, but not enough caffeine. Walmart stopped carrying the brand I love and I can't find it anywhere and I've been without it for three weeks. I'm so sorry. This is embarrassing. I mean, I sound just like a junkie."

To get the full effect of how I was feeling the other night, watch this Saved by the Bell video with Jessie and Zack after Jessie gets hooked on caffeine pills (anybody else remember this episode):

Yep folks, my name is Screwed Up Texan and I have a caffeine addiction.

So I went to Big Lots in one final effort to save my husband from my rabid wolverine PMSing and found it: Full Throttle Blue Demon with over 200 mg of caffeine per can.

Honey, I think I'm back in business.

I'm never going off caffeine again. Even if I know it's bad for me.

PS: I get brownie points for mentioning both Walmart and Dr Pepper in this post. Well not really, I just feel proud of myself. Whoot! Wait. That's just the caffeine talking.


Foursons said...

Did you buy them all at Big Lots? You never know if they'll actually get more once they run out in the store.

ForeverRhonda said...

Foursons is right. You have to buy everything you see at Big Lots because they might not get more. They're like Ross or Marshalls that way. Have you searched that Full Throttle stuff online?

Busymom3 said...

You should definitely run back to Big Lots and buy up their enventory and then check out Amazon and because it would be horrible to have rebound withdrawls!!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Foursons, BusyMom2, ForeverRhonda, y'all can tell I dont shop much at Big Lots. I grabbed all 11 cans on their shelf last night, but sadly I am going to be depressed if that was all they are ever going to get. Whah!

Life with Kaishon said...

Hi, I don't know if I have ever been here before. And I also am not certain if I am a jerk or not. I am leaning towards YES since I just told my kid he couldn't play outside until we did multiplication drills for 5 minutes and he told me he would DIE if he had to and I said, "Well, I guess you will die then."

So, about the post. All I want to say is, I WANT some of that stuff!

Becky said...

Scary! Really scary! My caffeine comes from coffee, Diet Dr. Pepper, and iced tea. Wonder if I need more?

Sheril said...

As uslual I love your blog :) Just wanted to say glad you found something that works.
ps I remember that saved by the bell lol

Karen said...

I remember what it feels like to come off of caffeine. I'm not a fan either. I learned it takes NINE WEEKS to break a caffeine addiction. It was not fun. If you ever do decide to find a way off of it, do it slow. Cold turkey is a bad deal.

Glad you found your fix :)

Phoo-D said...

The dog was so disturbed by that video he just ran into the room barking... =) Hee hee. Glad you found what you needed to keep going!

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