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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sixth Flower Mound Tweetup: Food, Fun, and Friends

There may not have been any Numchuckin Napoleon Skillz (mostly because there was no Wii), but that didn't stop us from having fun last night at our sixth Tweetup!

What made the Tweetup even funner was getting to meet Jane Devin who is a writer and is currently traveling the United States in various GM vehicles blogging about her experiences and journey on her blog, Finding My America. Jane is a kind woman, not to mention funny--but I'm sure she had no idea what she was getting into when she pulled up in a 2010 Chevy Silverado outside a fancy restaurant. What she didn't know was that she was about to meet one of the most unique blend of personalities in the North Texas area.

People who talk about nutria for instance. Not just talk about nutria, but who have actually ate it. That's right Donna, you know you liked that swamp rat. (In Donna's defense, I have been known to have a taste for squirrel. Also in Donna's defense, I am the one who brought up the nutria subject. See now, you might be a redneck if...)

Then there's those who hide from my camera, because they're afraid of getting posted on the internet in an unflattering pose. In fact, I tried to snap a photo of Jane and the first thing she did was hide behind someone. Dang, I hadn't known word would get out so fast. Camera Chickens.

Remember those $8 red shoes I bought in Oklahoma after the Texas blizzard? Here's the verdict: they are a pain in the feet to wear for extended periods of time. Eventually I had to take them off towards the end and rest them. That's when someone came over and begin rubbing my feet...sweet baby Jesus nothing ever felt so good. Me thinks my masseuse must have pushed the manic reflexology point on my feet because the next thing I knew I was up and showing these fine ladies and gentleman my stupid human tricks of doublejointedness. I'll spare y'all the pain.

Mostly we were there to have fun and network. The amazing thing is that all of the people that attend we have all met each other over the internet. Like Holly one of the co-founders of says, "We may have only one 140 character relationship per month with someone, but we feel like we've each other for a long time." I second that opinion.

Fancy Restaurant we ate at: Agave Tex Mex in Flower Mound, Texas. I had the fish tostadas, but I'd reccomend the tortilla soup. Service was wonderful.

GM/Chevrolet sponsored this event. I won a cool steering wheel clock that totally matches my $8 red shoes. Next week, I will be attending the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. GM is sponsoring my trip. I'd appreciate any cold weather tips you can give me in the meantime.

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texasholly said...

SO much fun! Good to see ya last night...the shoes were totally worth the pain.

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

That looks like fun. Let me know next time there is a get together:-)

Linn said...

Buy a pair of termal underwear. You'll need them in that cold weather!!!

Michelle Hoad said...

I love fish tacos but I have never had fish tostadas. And I can't eat tortilla soup on a restaurant because mine is the best on the planet and everything else pales in comparison.

Karen said...

Wow.....that looked like so much fun!!

Cold weather advice: Layers and lots of them. Base layers are amazing at keeping one warm. Costco has had some and I think Lands End still has some. If not.....just think layers. Have fun!!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Anonymous said...

So sad I missed the fish tostadas! Dang church prayer meeting! No really though, it was good to see you there - I loved all the pics. Well, except the one of my back fat, but that's ok - I forgive you!

Jane said...

It was such a pleasure to meet you, Allie. I'm abut halfway through the portions of the book you posted on your site. I knew you were a strong woman when we met, and your story confirms that.

Looking forward to getting into trouble with you and Andie in Detroit!

Alex said...

It looks like you had a great time!!! I have never eaten a fish or any other kind of tostada before..... But they look yummo!

Bruce Nunnally said...

Great photos. I enjoyed meeting everyone, and the venue was perfect for this type of event. The best part about a tweetup appears to be that everyone who comes is interesting to talk to.

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