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Monday, January 18, 2010

I Mention Dr Pepper Eleven Times in this Post

General Motors only five times.

So, you've heard of my wild adventures my first night in Detroit--unfortunately none of them included Walmart. Let's back up to after I got off the plane. First things first, the excited old man gave me his toboggan (it's more like a neck warmer). Then a representative with General Motors picked me and Andie up and drove us to our hotel.

At this point the only things that were on my mind were 1.) the strange conversation I had just had on the airplane and 2.) the fact that I needed my Mormon coffee...aka Dr Pepper. Really Dr Pepper cures anything, including disturbing encounters with strange people.

Unfortunately, it was at this moment that I also remembered that Yankees aren't typically as fond to Dr Pepper as I am (as I would soon enough discover at the Wolfgang Puck later that same evening).

General Motors put several bloggers up at the Marriott in Downtown Detroit, a beautifully designed hotel connected to General Motors' headquarters. We met Connie Burke (my long lost partner in crime!) and Christopher Barger. Christopher is the Director of Global Social Media for GM (actually I just looked this up because I couldn't remember what he did at GM besides rock the joke machine). At first, we all of thought Chris was something godlike, being director and all, hence why everyone thought they'd pile into the same elevator with him. (Chris is in the top photo, lower right hand corner.)

Then we realized he was normal. If only the same could be said about me.

Oh yah, Chris dared me post this photo of Andie (note: Andie is probably never going to talk to me again):

Let's face it. Chris is a trouble-maker.

Back to the Dr Pepper.

I have to give Connie and Chris a break because when I checked into the Marriott look what was waiting for me:

GM thought of me. Bless my heart.

This is my hotel room and honestly the best one I've ever stayed in. I was pretty dang sure I didn't want to leave this room two days later. I was even more amazed that the reason I didn't want to leave had nothing to do with my rowdy kids, but rather with the soft mattress and warm blanket that I immediately spilled a Dr Pepper on.

This is the view from my room. I think Detroit has a lot of potential and is beautiful in so many ways (considering I left Texas thinking Detroit looked like a war zone) and wished I could have had an extra day to tour the city. Instead, I had a full schedule to adhere to for the North American International Auto Show.

 This isn't Detroit, but Canada:

The Dr Pepper at the Marriott wasn't the only Dr Pepper I'd be treated to those three days I was in Detroit. Nope. There may not have been Dr Pepper at the Wolfgang Puck, but there it was in coolers:

Brought to breakfast in my pocket the next morning.

(no photo)

Swiped from Chris at the Mark Reuss and Susan Docherty roundtables. (Reuss and Docherty are GM Executives. I'm jealous of Docherty's hair.)

At another fancy restaurant with OnStar (there's another good story).

Suffice to say there was so much Dr Pepper that I ended up giving one of the waitresses at the hotel four bottles of it after much begging since I couldn't take it back on the airplane with me.

The rest is history from there.

As a side note, I'd like to mention that Chris gave me and the other bloggers a letter when we arrived at the Marriott. I thought I'd scan it and post it here to my blog for y'all to read. I am only mentioning it because I found it commendable that he told me (and the other bloggers/writers) that we were not obligated to write anything about our experiences in Detroit, but that if we chose to write anything we should disclose in accordance with FCC FTC (thanks for the correction, I'm really bad at this stuff) guidelines that General Motors did pay for our trip.

After my last four posts, I am sure General Motors is wishing they'd asked me to not write anything. Actually, I'm pretty much sure they're in agreement that they got more than they bargained for. So much more.

They can thank me later. I'm thinking with a trip to South by Southwest in Austin this year. Just thinking out loud.

PS: I have no idea if Christopher Barger likes to be called Christopher or Chris. He seems more like a Chris to me. I think I'll just call him CB for now, except every time I say that I think radio. And Connie Burke.

PPS: I think Dr Pepper should give me free Dr Peppers for the rest of the year for mentioning them eleven times in this post, not counting the title. Just so you know, they've never heard of me. Their headquarters aren't too far from me, so I may have to pop in and propose this idea to them. If I can get past the security guard. I have my ways.

Full Disclosure


Pippa said...

Mormon Coffee! Oh my gosh, I am so going to start calling it that. I love Dr Pepper!

My only regret is that I didn't think of this Get-free-Dr-Pepper-by-mentioning-it-loads-in-a-blog-post idea.

Wendybob said...

ah, another lover of Dr. Pepper! it's my lifeblood!

Christopher said...

Breaker 1-9!

Hi Allie - thank you for this post. I'm going to use the "godlike" reference for years to come (and my wife is already rolling her eyes at me for it).

I'm a Christopher and not a Chris "in real life," but at GM I largely go by "CB2." Your partner in crime Connie Burke has been designated "CB1" by virtue of the fact that she was at GM before me. However, you're in the category of "cool people who can call me whatever they want," so you can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay, or you can call me Johnny, or you can call me Sonny, or you can call me Ray Jay, or you can call me RJ ... but ya doesn't have ta call me Christopher! (Let me guess... you are way too young to remember that comedian's routine, and I've just made a reference that makes no sense to you whatsoever, haven't I?)

It was our pleasure to have you join us. Next time, we'll be sure to include some time to see the rest of our city. I'm a relatively new Detroiter (three years on March 1), but I've become a passionate defender/promoter of my adopted home city, and I'd be glad to show you some of the Detroit that no one outside of here ever talks about. :-)

Thanks again - and I hope to see you again very soon! -- CB2

Queen of Quite A Lot said...

Mormon coffee ~ HIGHlarious! And just to prove you do know your beverage of choice you spell it correctly...there is no period after the Dr. Except just! There is a restaurant in Beaumont (Jason's Deli) that has Dublin Dr Pepper as one of the fountain choices.

Foursons said...

You could have packed your DP in your luggage that you checked in, just not your carry on bag. Just saying- you know, for next time.

K. Erickson said...

Dr Pepper is nectar of the gods to all native born Texans (with the possible exception of some inbred folks in central Texas who think Pepsi is king).

One minor point of correction: Your last several posts reference FCC disclosure; however, Chris' letter indicates it is FTC guidelines which control company/blogger interaction. I'm just sayin'.

DangGina said...

I only scanned this post; reading it in detail is just too difficult, because I'm quitting the Coke. Mention of a delicious, carbonated, caffeinated beverage cuts my soul deeply; I miss it. And it seems like everybody's blogging about their favorite beverages since I quit.

I tell you, it hurts my soul...

But I will win, you know...

Screwed Up Texan said...

Pippa, I totally blame Adam (another GM employee) for hooking me on that phrase.

Wendybob, You dont know just how much I love your name. Yes...Dr Pepper is the best!

Christopher, er Chris, er CB2, er god. I had no idea what you were talking about on the whole comedian thing, but that doesnt mean or not mean anything. I usually get things like that messed up anyway. Here's to more eyerolls from your wifey :) And YES! More Detroit time if you *dare*.

Queen of Quite A Lot, Yup, one of my pet peeves too! Dr Pepper forever!

Foursons, next time I am taking you with me.

K Erickson, You're right and I corrected it. Well, probably not in all the posts, but in at least two. When I hit the jackpot, I'm making you my editor.

DangGina, You will never win, the only way to peace is submission to Dr Pepper. It's the truth I tell ya.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

If that works, I'm going for a Diet DP promo.

Connie Burke said...


I'm totally honored to be mentioned *almost* as much as Dr Pepper in your post. Pass the Puffs, I'm feeling a little verklempt (Jane will explain to you what this means).
I am also honored to have four of my fingers featured in your "Dr Pepper upon checkin" shot.

I am not quite as honored to own the title "CB1" as Christopher mentions -- it really just means that I am older than him. But I will answer to it nonetheless.

As usual, your posts crack me up. I just love your interpretations of, well, just about anything.

And I will be more than happy to co-host you (along with CB2) on your return trip to The D for a real insider, off-the-beaten-path view of our fair city. From someone who was born and raised here, and lives to tell.

You made it one of the more memorable Auto Shows EVER. No lie. I will simply never forget this question you posed at The Volt Lounge, just before you had to leave: "Hey! Wanna see the ugliest face EVER???"

Still spewing Cosmo over that one.

andie said...

I adore both CBs!!! And lets admit it... both are trouble makers

ForeverRhonda said...

If you need help distracting the security at the Dr Pepper place let me know...I'm up for an adventure...I'm feeling less than creative on my new Out and About blog...that might make for an interesting post! :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...the D. Don't miss it at all - I used to drive through twice a week for airport runs when my hubs traveled.

Now, Dr. Pepper - the stuff in Dublin, TX is the BEST. Made hubs take me there first weekend we could spend time exploring.

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