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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Few of My Favorites from Detroit Auto Show

Here's a quick list of a few of my favorite displays from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit that I attended last weekend. Now before I begin, let me be clear that I am not the world's best auto blogger or writer. In fact, I am probably the world's worst auto writer. Fine. I'll quit being dramatic. However, using Twitter to get real time identification for one my favorite photographs that I took of a Morgan Aero 8 Supersport may or may not have happened. This is one sharp car.

(Quite honestly, this vehicle could be from America or Argentina and I wouldn't know the difference. Which is probably ticking quite a few gearheads off right now. In fact, I'm going to stop trying to identify cars right now so I don't look completely clueless.)

Back to my favorites.

Another one of my top picks of photographs I took over the weekend include this crimson red Saleen. This car is hot, sexy, and powerful. I enjoyed getting up close and personal with this vehicle.

I love the doors on this Mercedes. In fact, the doors were the only reason I kept coming back to it and snapping more shots.

Of course the Ford Mustang was high on my list of sweet shots taken.

However, it just couldn't beat the Chevy Camaro.

The best thing on display at Lexus was this shock. The previous sentence may or may not be true.

The most creative displays, in my opinion, at the Detroit Auto Show were for the Dodge Ram pickup, which won 2010 Truck of the Year Award and was hung upside down, as well as

the Buick display which was designed vertically along a rich wood paneled wall adding to the elegence and modernity which encompasses the current design of the brand.

I also love this shot of the GMC Granite concept vehicle.

The Chevy Cruze is also worth mentioning since it was also the subject of my favorite interview with Chuck Russell, the Vehicle Line Director for this vehicle.

One of the things that caught my eye at the Ford display was this mechanical arm that I assume is used in the manufacturing of vehicles. I loved the way it moved almost effortlessly. I've determined that this arm is the very design that Terminators will use in the future.

The other thing that intrigued me at the Ford display was the color of the Ford Fiesta on display. Not the Fiesta in itself, but rather the color. I really should have gotten a photo of it the fifty-something times that I walked passed it, but I think after I learned the name of the paint color the only thing that went through my mind was why such a boring name? The color name: Bright Magenta (see here). Personally I was thinking Electric Raspberry or as my friend, Andie, eluded to : Warrior Pink. But I guess there's bigger things to worry about other than paint colors.

I guess.

Then again, I'm the one who got chided for wanting to repaint a classic car bright purple.

Disclosure: General Motors paid for my trip to the North American International Auto Show. I may or may not be biased, because of that fact. However, if you've been reading this blog long enough, then you know it takes a lot to sway me completely to one side. Unless Dr Pepper is involved. Then I'm an easy target. Oh yah, there was lots of that going around.


Shauna said...

Great pics!!

Foursons said...

Congratulations on making what could have been a very boring, why in the heck did she write about this, and what is with all these pictures of cars, into a funny post that had me laughing until the end. :D

ForeverRhonda said...

I expected to only see General Motors vehicles! Very funny post. I love the new camaro...if I threw all logic and the fact that I have a child and want more out the window that is soooo the car I would get. I guess they could always follow behind me in the suburban... :)

Alex said...

OMG! You guys have much cooler cars than we do! I'm movin'!

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