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Friday, January 1, 2010

Favorite Posts of 2009: Part II

Thought it would be fun to share my favorite posts of 2009 with you. This is Part II covering months July through December. See Favorite Posts of 2009: Part I for more of my favorite posts from this year.


In July I confessed that I may be the real cause of all the sweltering hot weather in Texas over the summer for spraying my blog's name at the Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo. Just to think, all this time y'all thought it was global warming.


In August, WIRED! in Canton, Texas invited my husband and I up to try out zip-lining on their state-of-the-art course. I'll be honest with you that I was scared to partake in such an endeavor, but it was totally worth it in the end.

While at WIRED! I also got to meet Miss Dallas. That was fun--especially when I got home and remarked how much we look alike minus my crooked teeth. Who needs a dentist though? That's what Photoshop is for.


In September, I attended one of our monthly tweetups in my area. This was our second tweetup (and in fact have another tweetup next week--our SIXTH). Now tweetups are different all in themselves where basically a bunch of people on twitter meetup and socialize and network. I mean can you believe it? My online friends are my in real life friends too!

While at our second tweetup, someone brought their Wii Bowling and funny time ensued. Check out my sweet Numchuckin' Napoleon Skillz (actual video included).


In October right after another tweetup, me and three of my girlfriends took a drive over to the Highland Village Walmart, aka Grande Dame Walmart, in a 2010 Buick LaCrosse courtesy of Chevy. That trip is now known as the Unofficial Toure de Grande Dame Walmart and has become legendary.

I also dressed up as a vampire.


In November, I went back to the Grande Dame Walmart right after Halloween and tried on masks with my youngest son. In the end I bought three masks and two wigs. I sported one wig which happened to be an Afro and was told I look like Foxy Brown (1974).

I also happened to drive the wrong way around the Texas Motor Speedway track at the World Camping Truck Series.


This month was a busy month. I have so many favorite posts from this month and wish I could list them all, but the two that brought me the most laughs had to be the Grown Up Slumber Party where three of us gals got together and played games, pigged out on pizza, half-way played at least a couple rounds fo Balderdash, and stayed up until 4 am. I am still wondering how in the world I was able to stay up that late seeing as I haven't done that since college.

Then there was the White Christmas we received which was a welcome surprise, but what really brought some good laughs was when we realized that the blizzard that had brought us all the snow the night before had also brought along with it icy road conditions. We ended up spending more time with each other than we could normally stand, but enjoyed it. We had a Texas Blizzard and I Ain't Talking About Dairy Queen Treats.

Although I am pretty sure Dairy Queen is the State Stop Sign of Texas.

Or was it Sonic?

(PS: Sonics in Texas taste better than Sonics in other states. We tested and approved this message.)

See Favorite Posts of 2009: Part I for months January through June.


Foursons said...

I feel proud to have better Sonics.

DangGina said...

The picture of your son, way up top, is probably my favorite picture of the entire year. Just so you know. :)

NitWit1 said...

Nice review, especiallt since I didn't start blogging until April

ForeverRhonda said...

I loved the reviews of your blogs!

Nancy said...

YOu are every bit as lovely as Miss Dallas. And, them there cars stuck in the ground are SWEEEEET!!

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