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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chevy Fried: Davis Fried Pies

A road trip is never complete without some Dr Pepper. Never. In fact, if you're drinking anything other than Dr Pepper you're either a rookie or a Yankee. I know everything.

Wednesday was the first ever Chevy Fried roadtrip created and sponsored by General Motors and Chevrolet. Chevy Fried involves fun, food, friends, and of course deep-fried deliciousness. I'd like to take a moment to blame Chevy for all my weight control issues right now.

Why not though? I mean the State Fair of Texas is the Fried Food Capitol of the World.

Except we didn't go to Texas. We went to Oklahoma. We went to Oklahoma to eat Davis Fried Pies, because these fried pies are legendary. Davis Fried Pie Shoppe is located off Interstate 35 at the Sinclair gas station. Because baby we like class and what could be more classy than a painted red dinosaur atop a Sinclair gas station adjoined to a fried pie shop?

Nothing my friends. Wolfgang Puck ain't got nothing on the Davis, Oklahoma Fried Pie Shoppe.

I don't care if my arteries are screaming at me. I'm not listening.

First we had to get there in style and that included three bloggers and three cars: Andie, Jamie, and me and a Chevy Tahoe, Equinox, and Camaro. Oh, and my four-year-old son who we would keep entertained with three letters: DVD.

The first leg of the trip was getting from Denton's James Wood Auto Park (where we parked our cars that morning) to the first reststop across the Oklahoma border right past the Winstar Casino. I took the big, beefy Chevy Tahoe. If everything in Texas is bigger, then the Chevy Tahoe ain't no different. It's roomy, comfortable, and big on style. It gets better gas mileage than comparable SUVs. It's a little too much auto for me, but it's perfect for a lot of folks.

Once at the reststop in Oklahoma, and after tweeting,

and after Andie stealing LaShawn's look...again,

I hopped into the Chevy Equinox (my favorite family vehicle) and drove the rest of the way to Davis, Oklahoma and the world's best fried pie shop. I reviewed the 2010 Chevy Equinox back in September and it is still my favorite family vehicle that Chevy produces. I love the sporty feel, the entertainment system, the OnStar Turn by Turn Navigation, the cargo space, the five seats, and the entertainment system. There's nothing I don't like about the Equinox minus the position of the locking mechanism (hello, it's right between the two front seats on the console...I have three boys need I say more). However, if a little bad positioning of a lock button is all I have to worry about, then I'm cool with that. Still my favorite vehicle.

That is until I stepped inside the Camaro.

Proof a carseat and a kid will fit into the back of a Camaro:

Proof that even though a kid will fit into the back of a Camaro--you may not want to try it:

Proof that I drove the Camaro in style:

No proof that I may or may not have thwarted a highway patrolman outside Davis. Obviously he was paying more attention to the sheer aesthetic qualities and sportiness that makes a Camaro thus, instead of his radar gun. He didn't even move off the median.

Either that or he was a little freaked out by a chick with a groovy fro.

We drove on to the first travel center off I-35 into Texas and stopped at the World War II memorial. It was the perfect ending to our first Chevy Fried trip. I was late since I had to pull off twice at gas stations to let my little one out to use the restroom. We switched vehicles yet again and made our way back to James Wood Auto Park in Denton where I found my van to be miraculously detailed. I knew there was a reason I hadn't scrubbed the crayon and barbecue sauce off the backseats and windows. Our first Chevy Fried adventure was worth it just for the clean cars.

Oh, and the Davis, Oklahoma fried pies too.

Disclosure: I'm pretty sure it's already obvious, but if not...Chevrolet/General Motors paid for our fried pies and loaned us the Chevy vehicles to drive for the day. They also gave my son two Hotwheels Camaro cars...I mean Corvette cars as I was so rudely corrected by same said son. James Wood Auto Park also kept our cars safe, detailed our cars for free, and gave us FREE Philips 7 inch digital photoframes as a gift. What James Wood Auto Park did for me was icing on the cake and cherry on the whipped cream: I totally recommend you to use them if you are in the market for a new car. The previous statement is completely biased.

Full Disclosure


andie said...

That is hereby be known as the evil twin pose... bc I am stealing it for ever!!!!!!

Michelle Hoad said...

Those pies look too yummy. If I obsess about them and decide I must have them, is there a place in Texas to find them, or am I going to have to drive to Oklahoma to get some. Cause I will.

LaShawn said...

I will now have to start stealing Andie's tounge out pose as pay back.

Alex said...

Fried Pies. . . I have never ever heard of those! lol this is probably a good thing lol

Bruce Nunnally said...

Wow, looks like it was a great trip. I have to admit a roadtrip to Oklahoma to get a fried pie was not on my 'fun' meter until you described it.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Being that I'm on a diet, I have to say that the pies are the best looking thing in this post. My husband would go for the Camaro though.

Jane said...

I can't believe they let you drive Lola. Lola doesn't even like kids because they dirty her up in ways she finds unpleasant.

I want her back. She's obviously being abused.

Come here, Lola. I'll take you to the car wash and wash the fried blueberry off of your steering wheel.

texasholly said...

I wish I had been in town to join ya! I am a big fan of anything fried (especially pies) and Jamie...what a fun road trip!

ForeverRhonda said...

I am happy that you showed me how well a carseat fits in the back of the Camaro! I keep telling my husband to be as we car shop for a more "family" friendly vehicle that a new Camaro is exactly what I want...and he keeps insisting that I be "realisitic" and "logical"...but srsly...those 2 things don't apply to me. I want fast and fun!

NitWit1 said...

I lived in Denton about 8 years. How did I miss Davis Fried Pies???

Foursons said...

How did you get this gig? And how do I go about joining you?

Screwed Up Texan said...

Andie, those are fightin' words!

Michelle, there are several places in Texas owned by the same couple. Unfortunately, their website only lists a couple of those places. If you drive to Davis and pick up thier brochure, it has several other places listed. Of course I didnt grab a brochure.

LaShawn, I think you're getting the bad end of the deal.

Alex, NO!!! That is a bad thing! Fried Pies are the bomb! Just think of all the vegan possibilities plant eater!

Bruce, Everythings fun with me :P

Mindee, Oh yes that Camaro...I'd totally get one if I could fork over the dough. Now that I've tested the space in the back and driven it, I think it'd totally be worth it just for the stares of wishful looking men in old pickups.

Jane, That was Lola! (Jamie did something to her so that she wouldnt shut up at the fried pie shop.)

Holly, I was glad you were out of town...that way I got to have a personal tour de maison de Holly. :) You wouldve had fun on the fried pie adventure!

ForeverRhonda, Show him this post! It may not change his any case make a trip to Davis!!!

NitWit1, No worries, I just found out about them two years ago.

FourSons, I sent you an email.

Candance said...

I totally wish I could've gone. It looks like y'all had a blast. On the flip side, I know a lot more about children's literature now than I did when I sent you that e-mail Wednesday morning. There's that. I guess that's good news in case I show up in your kids' classroom.

tammy said...

Those pies look so yummy! You're right, the Camaro is so fun to drive. And it's really hard to not go fast.

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