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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The White Stuff

And I ain't talking about Oreo filling.

Just because I know you aren't annoyed yet by photographs galore of North Texas wintry weather, and because I have to bake enough flounder and vegetables for fifty women today for an Ancient Israelite Dinner...I decided the easiest thing to do is to post more North Texas Wintry Photos.

But don't worry, since all the snow was gone by 10 am yesterday morning (it stuck for two whole hours!) this may be the last mundane winter collection for a while.

The best thing about the cold weather yesterday? I got to keep all the flounder in the car all day because it was a refrigerator outside. My minivan was an ice chest on wheels. See, you Yankees are so lucky and you don't even know it.

It also happens to be that every time I say "Flounder," I think of Ariel the Mermaid's right-hand fish. I'm gonna have a hard time cooking this stuff today.

Also, my oldest son's snow photograph I took yesterday is getting printed in all seventeen editions of NeighborsGo (a Dallas Morning News publication) in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex on Friday, which reaches over 200,000 readers! If you are in the area, you can get your copy at most local StarBucks for free.

Here's a video that NeighborsGo put together of our little taste of winter:

PS: I have no idea if Ancient Israelites ate Flounder. Then again, I am sure they didn't have a chef with "Screwed" as part of their nickname either.

PPS: I was going to keep this post short, but as you can see I have an awful habit of talking too much!!! How's that for easy.

PPPS: Those two Lewisville Parks workers are gonna whoop my butt.


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

So bizarre! I never think of Texas and snow in the same sentence. In fact, we've only had one little snow here way back in October so you're ahead of Nebraska.

Kristi said...

You really do take beautiful photos, Allie! I'm sure you're enjoying your new camera. I'm still coveting one, but with the new hospital bills, it looks like the camera and the new car are going to have to wait. :(

Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

Great pictures, is snowing here in South East texas (Near houston) hopefully we get some that will stick! Fun Fun!

NitWit1 said...

Great to see snow in my old stomping grounds of North Texas. Yes, snow rarely sticks around there for 24 hours.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I love them all. :D :D :D Wish we had snow right now...

mindy@thesuburbanlife said...

We headed up to the mountains this weekend to play in the snow. Man, I forgot how freakin' cold it is! You're probably thinking, "Hello, lady, it's frozen ice," but I usually spend my time looking at it...not playing in it. Your pictures were beautiful! And huge congrats to you for your photo hitting all those readers! =)

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