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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We Had a Texas Blizzard and I Ain't Talking about Dairy Queen Treats

Did I by any chance mention that after we opened Christmas presents Friday morning that we also decided that we'd brave the snow and drive the two-and-a-half hours to Lawton, Oklahoma to visit family? Did I mention that we had a blizzard the night before--and I ain't talking about a tasty treat from Dairy Queen.

I should have turned around when I discovered that even Santa didn't make it past my neighbor's home.

I should have turned around when my husband and I counted fifteen wrecks between our town and the interstate.

Ah, it can't be that bad I kept telling myself over and over. I mean look at the road--it's mostly thawed.

I swear on my dog's grave that not two minutes later the road looked like this:

That was about the time we stopped in Decatur, Texas to fill up on gas and buy some hotdogs for the trip. Already we had spent three hours in the van on a leg of our trip that should have taken us only one hour.

That's when I heard a man talking on his cell: "Yep Highway 287 is closed west of Wichita Falls and so is I-44 northbound."

You've got to be kidding me dude.

So I called Oklahoma's Highway Patrol and received the following recording: "All major highways and turnpikes have been reopened. Extreme caution is advised while traveling as the roads are hazardous."

Hmmm, we'll see about that fine-lookin cell-talkin dude.

So I hopped back in my van, determined to make it to Wichita Falls or bust. Or get stuck. Whichever came first.

Once on the other side of Decatur, the traffic began to get worse. I should mention that on any other day Highway 287 has no traffic, just miles and miles of road and ranches with scattered small towns between. As we approached Bowie, Texas traffic completely stopped. We weren't going anywhere and no one knew why. In fact, when we weren't completely stopped we averaged about three miles per hour--slow enough for the birds to land on moving vehicles. At one point some kids got out of their car and began a snowball fight behind us. All I could think of was when I could get out and use the restroom. No, my GoGirl was of no use with hundreds of eyes in such close proximity.

We drove ten miles in one-and-a-half hours.

My heart sank with the crawl of traffic and my bladder throbbed. So we exited to make a pit stop at the Walmart we could see off the side of the highway. Murder to my bladder if it wasn't freaking Christmas Day and so the Wally World was closed. Dagnabit, I'll just go behind the store then...well crap if someone else thought of it first. Back on the road again we went--my bladder still full.

Why we were still headed to Wichita Falls beats me. I think we were thinking, "Heck, if we've gone this far we can't turn back." We both had our fingers crossed Interstate 44 had been reopened on the Texas side. Thank goodness we weren't driving the day before.

Eventually, we made it to Wichita Falls and exited onto the I-44 north towards Oklahoma. What we couldn't figure out was why there was hardly anyone on I-44 North and bumper to bumper on the southbound lanes.

And then it hit us or rather we saw the sign: ROAD CLOSED.

Now what the heck were we supposed to do?

We followed the other cars in front of us onto the exit ramp and then we watched in amazement as a gray car went around the sign. And then another car. And at least a dozen more. So half of us took the next exit to I-44 off the service road in front of the Department of Public Safety office and blew caution to the wind because we were going to Oklahoma or bust!

Heck ya!

What should have been a three hour drive at the most turned into seven-and-a-half hours of pure craziness on Christmas Day. We were lucky this didn't happen to us. 

After spending the rest of Christmas Day with my sister and my niece, I knew it was all worth it. Especially when I drove back to Texas the very next day  with these $8 shoes. Yep, the seven-and-a-half hour roadtrip was worth every minute.

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PPS: The National Weather Service is predicting more snow today. You can bet I am not going anywhere. We're having an early ice age here thankyouverymuch.

PPPS: Check out the Texas Blizzard 2009 story on Whrrl (and add me as a friend if you haven't already--I'd love to read your stories):

More check-ins at hwy 287 and i-44
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Lorilee said...

Yikes! That's a long time in the van. The shoes are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I am SO jealous - we spent all freaking night in the car and I didn't get shoes! LOL!! Guess I was naughty this year.

It's amazing how fast the roads ice up...I know what you mean, one minute they are clear, and the next there is a 3 inch sheet of ice under your tires.

Thanks for the link back...I wish I had better photos!

Anonymous said...

p.s. - couldn't agree more with the "early ice age"! When we heard there was more snow coming, I told my husband that we had better hurry to the grocery store and stock up, and get firewood, cause in Texas, you just never know. LOL!

Candance said...

I gave you some blog bling. It's on my blog. I should follow this with something sweet and mushy, but I've been doing a lot of linking and my eyes are so tired and burning right now that all I can think about is Visine.

Queen of Quite A Lot said...

Those ruby slippers TOTALLY rock and I too would have made that treacherous excursion had I known those were the grand prize. Was reading some things tweeted by the lead singer of Bowling For Soup (who is from Wichita Falls but now based in Denton Co.) and seems like he was stuck in Wichita Falls for 3 days longer than expected because of this iceapoolza. Yep, us people here on the bayou only got us a little chilly breeze.

Jennifer said...

Oh geez. How intense... I would love some snow but if it's going to hinder so much like that, Idk that I want a blizzard. Maybe a blizzard on a day when we're not doing anything at all...

ForeverRhonda said...

Okay...I'm sorry you had to spend all that time in the van...but I love love loverly the shoes! At least you got a prize! And i have to say since I didn't have to leave my little town in Oklyhomey...I loved the snows!

Travis Erwin said...

Yeah y'all had more than we did up here in the panhandle, but it's snowing again right now.

Rayne of Terror said...

I don't envy you! That sounds super stressful. We stay home for Christmas now that we have children and boy did we ever have a white one here in central IL.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Queen of Quite a Lot, Oh, I've never heard of Bowling for Soup, but the name is so original and interesting that i think I am gong to look em up.

Candance, thanks for the rock! "dead puppies" and all.

Jennifer #1, You're welcome and I am just so happy we werent stranded like y'all were. It seemed like the rapture out there with all the empty cars---a real snowpocalypse.

Screwed Up Texan said...

So LovelyLeiah on twitter sent me this link to bowling for soup:

Me likey.

Queen of Quite A Lot said...

So glad you likey! When my daughter calls me on my cell that is her special ring since she's still there and I'm now in Louisiana. I will have to write a post about the time she & I hung out with them and took them to see the Big Bopper's gravesite in Beaumont. Major points in the cool mom category were earned that night!

Foursons said...

Wow- we don't get snow in SA. Ever. Well we do, but only in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping. And dagnabit- Walmart was closed?!

DangGina said...

Poor Texans! I swear, you've gotten more snow than us eastern Idahoans...up until a couple of days ago, at least. It's been such a long time that we've had snow (like a month) that people have forgotten how to drive in it. UGH.

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