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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mad Dash in the Texas Snow

Please excuse me while I warm myself up after popping out of bed at 7 am, dressing the urchins in two minutes flat, and running out to take the photos. Mostly, I am cold because in all the morning madness I forgot to put a sweater, gloves, and hat on. Heck, I'm just happy I remembered to take off my banana pants.

Why such the mad rush this morning?

Snow. North Texas snow. The kind that is melted two hours after it hits the ground.

So, I had to capture the moment.

The school crosswalk guard.

The trees.

The park.

The park workers (who may I add I had to beg to allow me to take photos of them). But I charmed them.

Lastly, the stroll in the park.

No worries, I may have one of two more for you in store. Because I know you're not already sick of the white stuff in your part of the world. Unless that white stuff is what's in the center of an Oreo cookie. I never get sick of that white stuff.

PS: North Texan drivers have a bad rep for not being able to drive in the snow. I should admit here then that I only almost crashed once--but it was not my fault. I blame it on the lady in the minivan that would not let me over. She moved over after I scared the crap out of though.


DangGina said...

Typically I'm super sick of snow by this point of the season. I live in SE Idaho, after all. Alas...we haven't gotten much as of yet. And it's December! We've gotten a few skiffs, but no more than that. Not enough to really stick, you know?

Alas, when the snow falls (and sticks), I doubt I'll run out and take pictures of it. Because I live in SE Idaho...


Chef E said...

I read in one of my facebook friends comments (she lives in Austin) that her friends up here told her to come for a visit, so she would be reminded what real cold weather and snow is like... Did they let the kids out of school? I remember that part of living there, no school. Up here in the NE you have to have been frozen into your house in order for school to let out, they ski to school...

Rena--Museum Educator said...

Great pics! I grabbed my camera before I left the house (where the snow was lovely) in the hopes that I could get some great shots of the cabins at the Village (we need new postcard images :) ), but alas it was not sticking here... Bummer.


Sunny said...

OOOOh! I hope hope hope I get to make that mad dash Friday morning in East Texas. Of course, I was in flip flops and shorts over the weekend. So I won't hold my breath!

Expat From Hell said...

Of course, I escape to Kansas to I hear that the snow finally arrives in Dallas, instead. Enjoy it while you can - which looks like you have. Love the photos. Stay warm! EFH

NitWit1 said...

The same storm is predicted to hit Arkansas but I expect it will be south of where I live if it is coming out of Texas.

We have snow, ice all kinds of stuff in northern Arkansas, most of it comes across from Oklahoma.

Since I am retired I just enjoy it.But I hated to drive to work in snow or ice.

Dreamfarm Girl said...

I just heard the snow is coming to Austin on Friday -- whoo hoo! So exciting. Even if I will pull a muscle in my back hauling in all my outside plants. Real winter!!

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