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Monday, December 7, 2009

Grown Up Slumber Party

Because you're never too old...

There's something about an all girls slumber party that makes a grown women feel like she's thirteen again. Especially when the average age of the slumber party participants is thirty. Then again, I do hear that Thirty is the new Thirteen--or something like that. Hence the Miley Cyrus fashion line at Walmart that I have fallen in love with, and bought, and worn. 'Cause that's how I roll.

Saturday night was slumber party time at my friend's, LaShawn's, new home. We may have felt like we were thirteen with threats of bra-freezing, food engorging, raucous laughter, board games, and flatulence (wait, maybe that was just me), but all those tween fears went away when the alcohol came out. That's when we realized we were indeed thirty.

Disclaimer: I drank Big Red. Because next to Dr Pepper, Big Red is my second favorite coke of all time. Believe me, I wanted some of those Bloody Marys on a stick that Donna brought and the Pioneer Woman Sangria. I had to keep myself from trying just one which was an extremely hard decision I must say, but I abstained. I was a good Mormon that night. As long as you don't count the flatulence and the time I called LaShawn's cat a female dog.

The party started at 6 pm Saturday night. Being the wuss who doesn't like to drive at night I decided to surprise LaShawn and show up an hour early. When I arrived, our friend Andie, had just gotten there and was getting the party started. So, I decided I'd do some Ding-Dong-Ditching. My second attempt to run and hide was thwarted when LaShawn raised the garage door. Well, because they know how I roll.

And that's when I found Andie inside making brownies.

And LaShawn stirring the Pioneer Woman Sangria. I think that girl is going through Ree's new cookbook like a squirrel on caffeine.

Now we women know how to tell a good story. LaShawn is one of the best story-tellers I know. I think I could hear her tell me the story of the one time she ran away from home to go to Las Vegas in junior high for the rest of my life, because the story gets better and better each time she tells it.

Ever wonder what women do when they're bored or been up too late? They text each other jokes and steal each others phones. Sometimes they even reply to people they don't know on their friend's Facebook profile. When no one's looking of course.

The highlight of our slumber party--celebrating Andie's birthday. She turns thirty again tomorrow, so LaShawn bought Andie a cake and we sang to her. We tried not to rub it into her too much that she is getting old. We just let Andie have her moment.

Then we played us some Balderdash!

I kept trying to come up with SAT words in high hopes of fooling the tipsy women around me. Apparently it doesn't work that way though. Especially when you've never taken the SAT. I tried fooling Donna. She saw right through me. No worries though--I saw right through Donna's Louisianianesque bluffs: What is the definition of LIEBIG? Donna's Answer: A levee system run by rivers. At that rate, Donna was surely going to write something about nutria. Alas she had to leave and Shanna took her place at the Balderdash table.

So I tried fooling Shanna.

Shanna, now she doesn't like having her photograph taken. Bad news for her since she had three DSLRs in her face all night. One from me, one from Andie, and one from LaShawn. Shanna actually called us "Camera Whores" because she says people pay us to take photographs. Like we're prostitutes or something. I guess I am just a camera-whore-in-training.

I love these cool 25 cent garage-sale find bracelets Shanna was wearing. Sparkly, pretty, and chic. I love me a good garage-sale...

That's when we found out Andie has never been garage-saling. We decided we had to fix that and the other twenty things Andie has never done. I think it's Canton Trade Days time. After that I'm taking her head first into Dumpster Diving.

As long as I can take LaShawn's dog with me.

Just so you know, he's the sweetest snuggler. However, that poor dog did give up on us when we decided to go to bed at 4 am. Just for the record.


NitWit1 said...

Well you can tell I am old and out of circulation for a long time. I never heard of 30s slumber parties. Wonder if there are 70s ones.

ziptheusa said...

You are never too old for a slumber party. Sounds like lots of fun. Did you say you were coming to Canton? Don't do First Monday without stopping by WIRED. Oh and for the record my girlfriends club is planning a slumber party too and we are all nearing 50! Not sure we will make it until 4 a.m. but you never know.

Jennifer said...

I love your posts. :) I want to do something like that soon when I finally come home from school... I think I'm gonna' get my best girls together and we're gonna' just chill the whole night. :)

Jennifer said...

I love your posts. :) I want to do something like that soon when I finally come home from school... I think I'm gonna' get my best girls together and we're gonna' just chill the whole night. :)

andie said...

it was soo much fun!!! i want us to do one at my house!!!

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