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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Favorite Posts of 2009: Part I

Thought it would be fun to go back through the year and highlight some of my favorite posts of 2009 month by month. This is Part I of a two part series covering January through June. Be sure to check out my Favorite Posts of 2009: Part II.


I had completely forgotten about this post until I was going through my archives. My husband, kids, and I had gone up to Turner Falls in Davis, Oklahoma and on the way back to the Dallas area we had stopped somewhere to stretch our legs for a bit. As I was looking out the passenger side window I noticed my husband stalking something.

We now call him Armadillo Man.


I was reminded to count my blessings. Rather, I was inspired to remind you to count your blessings:

And you thought you had a bad day.


March must have been a slow month for me because all I could come up to write about that was the least bit funny was when I attended Ricks College in northeast Idaho and had this unnerving paranoia that my professors were going to perform a Random Underwear Test on me.

That's right you weirdos--they're flip-flops not thongs.

(My husband won't let me live it down that I made one of our boys wear my sandals.)


In April, my husband, boys, and I traveled up to Oklahoma again to spend some time with one of my college roommates who I have remained friends with over the years. We stayed in a nice cabin just outside Sulphur, Oklahoma and showed my friend Turner Falls and the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, along with the countryside since she lives near Las Vegas and thought she needed a break from all the lights and 7-11 slot machines. We ended up sort-of getting lost along the way.


In May, I introduced the world to Creamy Watermelon Pie. It's been one of my most popular posts since.


Blogger granted me Blog of Note status after I bribed them with photographs of me and the family in Spongebob pajamas. I've never kept up my end of the bargain. Unless you count me on Christmas Day.

(Yes, I realize I spelled "Lees Ferry" wrong. I am also aware that I am too lazy to fix it.)

Also in June, we took a family roadtrip through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and then Utah to visit my husband's family for a few short days. While on vacation, I learned a few Vacation Do Not Forgets.

Also check out Favorite Posts of 2009: Part II

PS: Happy New Years and January1st is my 29th birthday! One more year until people assume I'm all grown up...(we know better).


Gloria said...

Sounds like a "fun" first half! Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!!

DangGina said...

I've missed you and your blog. DANG, I've gotten busy! Can't wait for the remainder of your Fave Posts of 2009!

PS Happy Birthday tomorrow. And remember: You're only as old as you feel!

DangGina said...

my camera is a simple one: a Kodak easyshare, M380. I like it :)

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

February was my favorite. I still can't believe they did that.

Happy Birthday and yes, you may steal my idea though I think you're doing just fine with this retrospective.

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