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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cooking with TJ Gilmore

Introducing TJ Gilmore the new co-contributor to Screwed Up Texan Recipes where you'll find delicious, tongue teasing recipes from dinners to appetizers to desserts. Okay, a lot of desserts. And TJ ain't helping things in that department, especially with his first posting on Screwed Up Texan Recipes for Texas Pecanlava a twist on traditional baklava that combines candied pecans with just a hint of heat.

TJ grew up on the border of Arizona and Mexico and says that Mexican food is home-cooking to him. That's why we like him here in Texas. He spent eight years in the Boston area where he encountered seafood delights that included more varieties than Gulf shrimp. He now calls Lewisville, Texas his home and has been married for thirteen years and has three children--one girl and twin boys.

TJ likes to cook for fun (when he's not running for city council, getting involved in local politics, or singing karaoke), but also likes to create tempting dishes out of the need to clear the odd stuff out from the back of the pantry and fridge. He gathers his inspiration from Alton Brown which he and his daughter enjoy watching together on Youtube. If you've never heard of Alton Brown, watch this video where he explains why onions cause tears and you'll understand why he is a favorite of many:

(Alton Brown is also one of my favorite food personalities.)

You may recognize TJ from a video he sent me back in August that I posted where he showed me how to quickly and simply cut a bell pepper. I look forward to many more informative and entertaining posts by TJ in the future.

So head on over to Screwed Up Texan Recipes and try some of our favorite concoctions (and follow our crazy kitchen antics too):

Yep, we've seriously got to work on that dessert thing.


NitWit1 said...

Wow those pecanlavas look tasty. Desserts are my downfall.

POM is now available as juice in my local Wal-Mart. I enjoyed fresh pomegranates when I lived in Morocco so may try the juice.

Happy New year.

DangGina said...

I love Alton Brown. He's like Bill Nye the Science Guy, but with food, so he's automatically way cooler than ol' Bill...Although I made the mistake of watching Alton explain how a haggis is made a few days before I tried a haggis; I gagged 3 times before it even got to my mouth....

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