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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Milk Money

I needed some milk today, so I did like any other reasonable person would do and went to the store to git me some. Now I don't know about you, but this woman here has this major problem with shopping at the dear ole Wally World--every time I enter that store to buy one thing, I always end up purchasing the rest of the store. This is the very reason I have limited myself recently to only venturing out to the Grande Dame of Walmarts once per week.

So there I was moseying around the grapes and apples when I swear to the Walmart gods that at least thirty Japanese tourists in fancy black suits stormed the produce section. I felt weird alone with my child and my shopping buggie surrounded by tourists in black suits. This must be how Japanese feel when Americans visit Japan, I thought--meek, humble, like dude quit staring at me. So, I grabbed my Nikon out of my purse and began taking covert shots of the tourists.

Being bombarded by those Japanese tourists totally made me lose track of why I went shopping in the first place and made me disregard my sanity for a few moments while I pondered the magnificent reason why a tour bus would even visit the Highland Village Walmart. Wally World that popular? Who'd thunk it.

So my child and I made our way towards the Halloween Discount Aisle and tried of face masks.

More face masks...

Then I bought this Fro, well because we all know it totally completes my look:

(To be honest with you, I think this Fro suits me well. Next time I get my hair done, I'm gettin' a spiral perm like that one I got in college.)

 Then I decided it was time to hit the Lawn and Garden Center because I have a two foot avocado tree growing in my garden that needs to come indoors before it gets too cold outside. I found my $5 clearance pot, and I found this:

Christmas. When Faith Hill sang Where Are You Christmas she forgot to venture inside Walmart two months before hand.

So, since I was already making an awesome fool of myself snapping photos of my boy on the Halloween aisle, I ventured over to the kitchenwares section and took some photos of my favorite pot and pan set, because well you know (I know) I'll never be able to afford them so I might as well shoot some photos of them anyhoo. Miss Paula Dean, just so you know, I love the turquoise color the best!

Perhaps I should focus on getting me a fully functioning stove first.

Then, as I made my way back over to the groceries, to get the milk, I saw the shiny black baby grand piano. That is not a sight you see every day at Walmart. No sir-ree. I told y'all the Highland Village Walmart is the Grande Dame of Walmarts. Mark my words: Next time I go to this Walmart I am playing a tune on that piano even if I get kicked out.

It will be so worth it.


Antique Mommy said...

You look awesome in a fro.

If my Walmart were to have music, I suspect it would go for banjos.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Really? Who would buy a piano from Wal-Mart? If you can afford a piano, I would think you'd want to make sure it was a good one.

Love the fro. ;)

DangGina said...

Yeah, that's so weird that Japanese toursist actually toured Your WalMart. Know what's almost as funny? You blogged about said WalMart a couple of weeks ago :)

That baby grand is begging to be played. What would make the story of you getting kicked out of WalMart for playing that piano even better is if you played a simple little ditty, like, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater or something ridiculously easy. Something you wouldn't expect to hear on a grand piano, but maybe not so foreign to WalMart itself. Just sayin...

Gloria said...

You just go for it girl! I love the Fro also!

andie said...


Le'Ann Ruggles said...

The fro is awesome! And I can't believe you can buy a piano at your Wal-mart. Our little po-dunk store never has anything cool like that.

Mike and Kali Kunkle said...

On a trip to WalMart this past summer, Mike took pics of funny t-shirts and posted them to TwitPic. You, however, go to WalMart, buy fro wigs, take pics of yourself, and write and entire blog about the experience.

The frightening common thread? No, not our questionable shopping taste or potential mental instability, but yes, the impact that WalMart has had on all of us.


Keep up the great work on your fun blog,

Your Social Media Buds from

Lorilee said...

You look great in the fro! Your Wal-Mart is WAY NICER than our Super Wal-Mart. I just spent abut an hour there this evening. My 14 year old had a cart and found his junk food and I had a cart for the rest of the stuff. He also stopped at the in-store McDonald's for Chicken nuggets, fries and a drink.

LoveFeast Table said...

You totally rocked the go girl!!

Nancy said...

Yah, for realsys, you look rockin in that Wal-Mart fro. And I love that Japanese tourists were hanging out in suits there -- and that you quickly began snapping photos of them. TOo funny.

NitWit1 said...

Wow if I run into a Grand Piano in our Super Stores in the Ozark, we might have a hard time finding some one who knows how to play it.

Next trip to TX I want to tour that WM!

Hope you made it home with the milk!!!

the nightingale said...

I love Wally World too, and especially am fond of the clearance aisle. That I don't need it is beside the point; it's on sale!!! :)

Hollie said...

ok, now I am certain the bridge from a later post is near my home, because I have been to this walmart and was equally amazed by it.. and now I am off to research the haunting of the bridge..

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