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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Called to Rosa's Cafe

Breakfast--it's the most important meal of the day.

That is why I made funnel cakes for breakfast before I sent my kiddos off to school (Can you believe it? It is a miracle that I actually rolled out of bed early enough to have the time to make my children such a nutritious breakfast. Ummm come to think of it I believe they had a bag of Halloween chocolate the previous morning before school).

I am the best mom ever!

Of course the rest of our meals were vitamin-packed if I must say so myself. Definitely tasty. For lunch, my youngest and I rolled on in to Rosa's Cafe for the best Tex-Mex around. Freshly made tortillas, grilled beef, several varieties of salsa...Rosa's has to be one of my favorite Tex-Mex restaurants.

Eating at Rosa's this time however was not my idea. My youngest and I went to eat with a few gals from church to chat, socialize, fellowship, and have a good time. I must say I loved it when one of the older gals asked a couple employees to stand up on the dinner table and turn off the fan above us. I was majorly disappointed when I didn't get my camera out in time to snap a photo of that courageous feat.

Nothing beats hanging out with friends over good food. This friend apparently likes a little salsa with her taco salad. Just a little.

(See that lady behind her? That's one of  Flower Mound's Marshals. My youngest once ran out in front of her police car when she was trying to pick up some dude in my neighborhood who had a warrant out on him. My youngest, of course, had to keep pointing at her when she'd get up to refill her drink. She was probably thinking, "There's that darned lady and her kid again. Good grief.")

Guess who else showed up at Rosa's?

You guessed it (I knew it would easy)...the LDS missionaries. And not just these two.

Try all these. Don't forget to count the ones in the back. I promise I did not plan this. This is not a conspiracy. I don't think anyway.

What can I say? Rosa's Cafe is the popular hang out for Mormons on Tuesdays. I think half the restaurant was filled up with Latter-day Saints during Tuesday's lunch hour.

Remember Argentina from Guatemala? The lady I got my dog from and the one that helped me pick prickly pears from some random stranger's fence line? You'll never guess who her favorite people in the whole wide world are. Yes, that is her sitting with the missionaries.

Like I said, we Mormons filling up Rosa's Cafe in Flower Mound Tuesday was not planned. Behold, I was there solely for the fajitas.

Oh and we had homemade funnel cakes for dinner too.


ForeverRhonda said...

I have to share this with my fiance who thinks that funnel cakes are not appropriate breakfast foods! I informed him during the fair festivities that they were indeed okay to eat for a meal..along with cotton candy, candied apples (apples are in fact nutritious!) and many other varieties of food that a lot of people consider not meal worthy! Alas your blog proves my point. Thank you! I salute you fellow funnel cake breakfast eater.

Candance said...

I'd punch a baby for one of Rosa's tortillas right now.

I actually have a soft spot for the little morman guys because one time, when my ex was in Iraq and I was having a really bad day, I was kind of mean to them and they said they could tell I was overwhelmed and asked if there was anything they could do to help me. They didn't take me up on my offer to babysit and mow my yard, but they were still sweet. My aunt once chased Jehovah's Witnesses out of her beauty shop with a gun. One of the ladies that worked with her blamed it on her hot flashes, but we all know better than that.

Paulina said...

hahahah this whole entire post is so funny! Oh, and your kids have it made, funnel cake for breakfast?? Genius.

Dreamfarm Girl said...

MMMmmm, funnels cakes and Mexican food. Who couldn't love Texas?! (yes, I'm a Texan.)

DangGina said...

I LOVE TEX-MEX. I can't stop thinking about it. And (I know you'll find this hard to believe) we don't have anything like that way up north in Idaho Falls. Sure we've got Cafe Rio, but that's not the same...

I better go. I need to make myself dinner. I bet it won't taste nearly as good as Rosa's.

PS I love that Rosa's was infested this afternoon! Gooooo Mormons!

MIndee@ourfrontdoor said...

I'm pretty sure that there will be funnel cakes in heaven.

I can't believe you make those yourself! They are quite a mess to create.

NitWit1 said...

Love funnel cakes and they love me...hmmmm hips, thighs, you get the picture.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Forever Rhonda, And they're perfect for dinner too course! I love me some funnel cakes!

Candance, You probably would punch someone for a tortilla, lol. BTW, you're story is freaking hilarious!

Paulina, Yes...funnel cakes are awesome. And the kids never fight about breakfast when I serve them.

DreamFarm Girl, My Hispanic friend keep telling me I need to toss them in cinnamon and sugar to make churros <--I think that is what she said.

DangGina, Oh girl, Tex-Mex out West is so different than Tex-Mex in Texas. I tell you what, the worst Tex-Mex is in Price, Utah. I cant even remember the name of the restaurant, but I believe it's the only Tex-Mex in town besides Taco Bell. Anyhoo, I'd rather eat at Taco Bell and that is saying a lot.

Mindee, the way I make them are so easy and very little mess. I'll have a recipe soon up on my recipe blog. Just as soon as I get a couple more up. I am such a slowpoke in that department.

NitWit1, We are in the same boat, lol.

Emily S said...

Oh my! I've been gone from Texas for almost 2 months now and Rosa's is one of the few things I have been CRAVING LIKE CRAZY! Love your post! I miss hanging out with all my friends at the Rosa's in Lubbock.

(ps. The Screwed Up Texan Salsa was a HUGE hit here in Korea! -I have a great photo of all my co-workers chowing down. Can I send it to you? -Thanks sooooooo much! I sadly finished the jar yesterday on some eggs and am stalling at rinsing it out for recycling. Maybe I can just run my finger around the inside for a few weeks? Haha. Delicious! Thank you!)

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