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Monday, November 9, 2009

The Bathrooms Made My Day

Fair Warning: If you despise NASCAR or anything race related, then stay away from this blog for the rest of the week...well unless you want to laugh at my crazy shenanigans.

Fair Disclosure: I knew nothing about NASCAR before this weekend. I still really know nothing about NASCAR. Somehow though I am a new fan. I'm blaming it on my VIP pass from Chevy. Oh, and as I write this my eyes are bloodshot and I smell like exhaust fumes. And I have an annoying ringing in my ears because I was a dork and didn't wear earplugs.

Yesterday was the Dickies 500 at Texas Motor Speedway in North Texas--just a few short miles from my home. I've passed this Monstrous-City  many times, but have never actually been there. In fact, avoiding that area like the plague on racing weekend was the only time I really thought of Texas Motor Speedway. Then Chevy offered me tickets in exchange for blogging and tweeting about my experience and I was all What.The.Heck.Might.As.Well.

So my friends, Andie and LaShawn, and I met up at the Grande Dame Walmart at 8 in the morning to travel together to the weekend city known as Texas Motor Speedway. Walmart/NASCAR--the two inherently go together. Dude, people camp out here. I mean pitch tents, pull in RVs, sleep in their cars camping out. The experience of seeing acres of tents, RVs, temporary grocery stores, et cetera was surreal. It's like real camping out in the woods, but no trees. Let's call it Camping with Cars or Camping on Concrete.

Our first stop: Chevy Village of Champions where we got the experience of meeting real life racing champions like Clint Bowyer:

Jimmie Johnson:

and Ryan Newman (who also happens to share the same birthday with my friend Andie--year and all.)

PS: Ryan, if there is any way you can tell us what time you were born, we'd like to know so we can see who is older--you or Andie. We tried to ask you, but your screener would not let us. KThnxBye.

PPS: I also think it is really cool that you stared right into my camera. Apologies if I fainted a little.

PPPS: Sorry if we left so abruptly in the middle of your interview, once your screener told us we couldn't ask you at what time you were born, we left and engorged ourselves on free gourmet fried chicken. What made it so gourmet I haven't the slightest, but I did grab me a plate of cookies cause man if you didn't have any they were so moist and chewy and chocolaty. That and I wasn't paying a butt-load of money at the concessions during the race.

We watched some wild motocross flips at Texas Motor Speedway while waiting for our Pit Tour to begin. I can't imagine flipping in the air on one of these things. My husband, I think, would have a blast doing craziness like that, but I will just have to sit back in awe and admiration for those in this world that have more guts than turtle crossing a highway.

The Best Part of the VIP Experience were by far the restrooms. I.Kid.You.Not. Where everybody else had to use standard port-o-potties, this is what we got to use:

Which looked like this on the inside:

Oh my word the bathrooms totally made my day!

Stay Tuned for the Pit Tour...


LaShawn said...

OHHHHH It was such a fun day. Love that last popping out of the restroom shot of me...wooo

Candance said...

TMS makes me cry on race weekend. Looks like y'all had a blast, though. Oh the people watching I bet you did...

GreenTease said...

Sometimes it's the simple things in life ie bathrooms!!!

the nightingale said...

That is so cool about the tickets... :) Looks like fun!!! P.S. Gotta love clean bathrooms.

Lorilee said...

Wow, what fun! My brother went a couple of years ago and had pit passes. I rate most places by the bathrooms! Those are some awesome port-a-potties!

Mindee said...

Yep, it all boils down to the bathrooms doesn't it?

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