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Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday is a Special Day: It's the Day We Pick Pecans

I was reading C Jane's blog this morning, the one entitled What the World Needs, and this is what she wrote as the caption of the photograph:

"Less child labor in industry, more child labor at home."

I couldn't agree with her more.

In fact yesterday of all days I had my children outside in the front yard helping me pick pecans off the ground under our glorious pecan trees. Yes, I know, "Saturday is a special's the day we get ready for Sunday...we work and work and work and work so we can rest all day Sunday." But look, these are pecans we're talking about here. Big, sweet, and free pecans and they must be gathered before the squirrels get to them all!

Now for a pronunciation lesson: Pecans are pronounced "puh-CONS" never "PEE-cans!" Pee-cans is what my grand-daddy relieved himself in. I should know--I used to live in Pecan Capitol of the World: San Saba, Texas.

Thank you for minding that bit of Know-It-All-ism.

Truthfully, I could tell the boys enjoyed picking the pecans with me. I don't think they see it as child labor at home at all...yet. Perhaps in a few more years. One by one we filled a large metal bowl with all the pecans we could stand picking for the afternoon, took them inside, and I made some of my famous pecan pie. Well, famous if you've ever eaten it before. So famous in fact that I used to sell my pecan pies in college to the guys up the road from my dorm at Ricks College (er BYU-Idaho cause they decided to change names after I'd been there a year already).

That's right Forrest, the secret to my $6 pecan pies is on my recipe blog. Make some of it for old times sake. But please, oh please:

Do not call it a pee-can pie.


Queen of Quite A Lot said...

I ♥ that you explained for those that didn't know, the CORRECT pronunciation. I say almost the same thing -- a PEEcan is what grandma keep under the bed, a PUHcahn is what you use to make candy & pies. You pie looks delish -- even though I'm allergic to pecans I'd risk a little difficulty breathing for a little taste!

Drew said...

You never offered to sell one of these to me and I lived in that place up the road. Looks like I missed out.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Queen of Quite a Lot, Yes! And this pecan pie is definitely worth a near death experience. But don't take my word for it.

Drew, It took me a couple seconds to figure out who you were! Love your food blog by the way.

NitWit1 said...

Oh want memories!. My parents had a shared pecan tree with a neighbor. We picked up on our side of the hedge and they picked up on theirs, The squirrels did not know where the hedge line was!!!! But they were natives, the very best kind!!!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I love, love, LOVE pecan pie. Only it would cost way more than $6 here. Pecans are pricey!

Ron Sitka said...

Hey Texan:

You really stirred up my taste buds for puhcan pie. I still think my mother makes the best. It was always only for special occasions. And usually this time of year (makes sense) for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Can't wait for that season to get here. Picking pecans with your boys reminds me that there are just some things families ought to do together. Think I'll go plan something for mine. Thanks!!!!

forrestsearle said...

So let me get this strait, it is called Puch on's, not pee cans? I hope they won't make me sick! Just kidding. I am going to give this recipe to my wife and hopefully she will cook it, but if not I will cook it myself. Hope things are going well in Texas. We are having winter here in Colorado and in most of the west. Anyhow, I will have to get on that pie for the holidays. Thanks for remembering me and my Pee can pie!

Charlotte said...

Pee-can, puh-cons... but how about pee-cons? Is that acceptable? 'Cuz that's how we do it up north.

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