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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm in Trouble Ain't I?

So, we're going to the State Fair of Texas this morning for a mom and kid event sponsored by Chevy (just click so you can see my pose in the 2010 Camaro). What I really should say instead of "we" is that my husband, my youngest, and I are going to the fair, because I honest to goodness don't feel like pulling my two oldest out of school to wrangle them all day in a place that is more than likely going to give me a huge panic attack even though my two oldest have been begging me all month to go.

I know--I am a bad mommy. Bite me.

I've already instructed my youngest to keep silent on his special trip to the state fair so his brothers don't throw a conniption-fit. Yes, I know the odds are against me that he will actually stay mum, but it is commendable to have high hopes right?

With a face like this, how could I not take him. He's even practicing for the fried butter on his face routine.

He's really such a lovebug.

Til then, make sure you enter to win free baking ware from Carol's Kitchen courtesy of Red Star. There are 5 chances to win! If you don't see your comment come up, don't worry, as soon as I get back this afternoon I'll be moderating comments.

One Request: Keep your fingers crossed that my youngest won't brag to his brothers what he got to do today at the state fair. I love spoiling this kid.

On second thought, I'm in trouble ain't I?


jmberrygirl said...

Oh, yeah. You're in trouble. It'll probably take less than 3.5 seconds for him to report the day's events to his brothers. Guess it's because I'm not a mom and I'm the oldest (i.e. non-spoiled) child, but I'd be pretty bummed, stuck in school all day while everybody else is having fun. :( On the other hand, education is very important and it is harder to keep up with 3 than 1!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

There is NO WAY that boy is going to keep his mouth shut. Not when he knows that he can torture his older brothers.

Hope you're having fun!

Oysterblogger said...

I have a d70 myself but it is only like 6 megapixel I want a camera that I can make higher quality enlargements from.
YOur postcards and pics are awesome.(nature photos) I need to read your "story" I havent had a chance yet!

LeAnn said...

Sounds like you'll be making yet another trip to the state fair after he rats you out. ;)

Karen said... are in trouble, but honestly who wouldn't be with a darling little face like that. I hope you enjoyed your day.

Trac~ said...

LOL - good luck, Mom! Hope the other kiddos don't find out and hear about your big fun day with the baby of the family today! :O)

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