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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Should Get an Award for This

You don't want to see me in the mornings. You really, really don't. In fact, if it were up to me, I'd sleep in way later than I do now. More often than I'd like admit, in the mornings I have approximately ten minutes to get my children dressed from head to toe, grab their backpacks and coats, and run to the school half a mile away. And when I say run I mean on foot, not in my minivan. Ten minutes to do this with three boys and a dog. When the crosswalk guard sees me in the morning, he's seen what I look like after being awake for only approximately fifteen minutes.

What can I say? I am a lazy, sleepy mom in the mornings. Thank goodness The Hubs feeds our children before he leaves for work or else my kids would probably go to school hungry every morning too. Laziness to the extreme equals me.

I am definitely not a morning person. And I kinda feel guilty about it.

I often wonder, and this especially holds true on Saturday mornings, when my children will want to sleep in since they are apparently early morning people. I've had my refrigerator raided at 5:45 am, the television turned up very loud at 6 am, a child stuck on the top shelf in the game room at 7 am and my boys sneak out of the house at 7 :15 am. Thank goodness not all on the same day.

I remember myself and my siblings at the age of eleven making our own breakfast and turning on the Saturday morning cartoons long before our parents awoke. Then sometime around the age of twelve or thirteen that all changed and it literally took a bulldozer to get me out of bed. Can you imagine then how hard it was for me at the age of fourteen to attend Early Morning Seminary for an hour before school every morning? An hour of studying religious scripture when all I wanted to do was sleep? An hour of studying religious scripture when religious scripture usually makes me sleepy anyway? I should have got an award I'm telling you for completing three years of Early Morning Seminary and mostly staying awake.

My point?

Wait. Am I supposed to have one? Okay. Fine. Basically what I am saying here is that I think there should be an award for people that get up early in the morning in spite of themselves. Life free caffeine or something.

So, who's sending me the chocolate?


AZ Mommy said...

I have to get up Monday through Friday at 5:00am. The sun is not even awake yet. Often times my 3 year old will yell at me "No Mommy, not get up time, night night time, lay back down, sun not up!"
I wish it was that easy.

DangGina said...

Well KUDOS to you! I always feel for the people who have/had to get up early for seminary; I'm originally from Utah, so I got release-time. DURING school. It was awesome.

I feel for you getting up early and stuff. I shower at night so that I can sleep as late as possible before getting up and ready for work in the mornings. Honestly, I can't usually sleep much past 8:30, but I also think it's sick that 6:00 has a morning shift. UGH...

Anonymous said...

In answer to your question. Your kids will sleep in when they're old enough to start cutting the grass and do other big chores around the house. Then you'll need a crow-bar to pry them out of their beds! Hee hee!

Cindy in PA

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I get up. I have to or the kids AND husband would never make it to work or school. I hate it every. single. day.

So I vote you not only get chocolate - you get chocolate covered espresso beans!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

I'm SO not a morning person either! I won a Boot Camp. It starts tomorrow at 5 am and I'm still up. I'm guessing I'm not making it. I can barely get up by 6:30 to get kids ready for school. Why can't they have Boot Camp at night?

the nightingale said...

I was the same way. Now MY kids are! I never hear (conveniently) about anyone elses' kids around here doing the same things yours and mine do. It's nice to have someone who knows exactly what it's like and admit it. :) Thanks!

Trac~ said...

LOL - poor thing - I know what you mean though - if I can sleep in late in the mornings, I definitely do - and thankfully for me and my husband, our children are now teenagers and sleep in as late, if not later than we do on the weekends - YAY!!! No worries, it will get there for you one day too! :o)

Screwed Up Texan said...

AZ Mommy, I wish mine would do that on a Saturday morning. Knowing mine they'd be up with you at four am if they could. lol

DangGina, We're kindred souls! I too shower at night so I dont have to in the morning.

Cindy, So what you're saying here is that I should make them work kids may not like this. Oh well, :)

Mindee, Mmmmm sounds delish...even if I can't drink the coffee I can at least set them in a pretty bowl and smell them. Ah heck, don't send them: my boys will find them and eat them like squirrels!

Amy, For Real! Boot camp at 5 am? Besides it is rainy out...not a good time to start a boot camp. (I'll make every excuse I can to not get up early.)

the nightingale, Ha! I probably shouldn't admit half the things my kids do, but oh well--gotta find the humor in life, right? (crickets chirping)

Trac~, One day, one day...

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