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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't Go Singing in the Rain Around Mother Hubbard Y'all

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 began like any other day with me rushing to get the boys ready for school and dropping them off with just a little time to spare. It was raining this particular morning to which my children were especially gleeful about.

Some moms makes a hot bowl of soup when it rains...I do that and I get out the umbrella and play in the rain with the kids. Seriously. I see no point in staying indoors in the pouring rain if it is not too cool outside. I don't play in it every chance I can, but every once in a while splashing water is fun indeed. Think of it like a ginormous water-park with free admission and no crowds.

So, when it came time to pick up my oldest two from school (and I always have more time in the afternoons to get to the school) I had the choice of either A.) driving my oldest and dog to the two blocks to school or B.) getting out the raincoat and umbrella and walking my oldest and dog to the school. I opted for playing in the rain.

Off we went!

By the time we got to our street corner the skies had decided to open up its damn and drop glorious buckets of fresh water upon us. Lily the Dog was looking quite like a homeless rat and my four-and-a-half-year-old became entranced by the water puddles stomping in them with laughter. At this point each of us were wet to one degree or another, Lily taking the brunt of the wet.

Then we made it to the school where my child and I stood under an eave until the rain subsided. When it did, you can rest assured knowing my son decided to lay himself in a water puddle like little boys do. What's the harm, right?


Apparently, every so often, Mother Hubbard notices your child laying in a water puddle to which he exclaims:

"Who's child is this?!"

Me: "He's mine."

Not two minutes later:

"I can't believe you're letting your child lay in a water puddle. Don't you know that is just wrong? What is wrong with you!?"

Me: "Well, you could just call the police. I dare you."

Can you imagine the newspaper headlines?

Mother Arrested for Allowing Her Child to Play in Rain Puddle.

Thank Goodness Mother Hubbard didn't see my kid the other day without his shoes. I would have had to slap that overprotective parent with one of those sandals I was holding.


DangGina said...

Who the aych is Mother Hubbard, and where does she get off? It's not as if the rain puddle was contaminated with radiation or anything. STEP DOWN, Mother Hubbard! PS I have to know, did you really dare her to call the cops?

Anyway, I wish I had kids to play in the rain with; it's less strange for an adult woman to splash in the puddles if she's got a preschooler or two in her charge. :)

Candance said...

You're post totally made me understand why my mother once beat a woman up with her tennis shoes. Totally.

Linn said...

I can't believe you would let you child play in that....WATER. ;o)

Don't you just love nosey people. Shut up and keep you kid out of the water. I bet mine doesn't get sick as often as yours does!

Trac~ said...

OMG how rude of them! Geez... they must have had an AWFUL and very prim and proper childhood - they are the ones who were mistreated not your child who actually GETS to play in the rain! Way to go, mom! ;o)

Screwed Up Texan said...

DangGina, Mother Hubbard is a MAN I found out yesterday. A very tall and thin man. Funny story for the neighbors...I was once caught playing in the rain with the teenager kids next door last year.

Oh and YES I did dare him to call the police! lol

Candance, Maybe your mom could help me next time?

Linn, Exactly. Nosy parents need to calm down.

Trac~, I agree, he probably lived a very prim and proper childhood with no fun.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Ha! What a great response. I wouldn't have thought of anything half as good until much later.

Mommas Soapbox said...

Too funny! My daughter came home form soccer practice the other day drippin' with a mixture of water and mud... My Hunk (her daddy) let her play in all the mud puddles in the playground after soccer. Down the slide woom into a puddle.

She walked in laughing and said "Dad let me....and I need a shower to get the dirt outta my butt crack."

Who could take that fun away from them?

the nightingale said...

I know how that is. Rude know it alls, dear. It doesn't matter what anyone says or thinks: you're still a GREAT mother. :)

NitWit1 said...

Yikes! Tell Ole Mother Hubbard to get back to her shoe and see if the tooth fairly left some food in the pantry for her many kids.

Play in all the puddles you can find and with your kids is double pleasure. It won't always be there for you . YOU GO FOR IT with all our blessings!!

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