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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dancing with a Drunk Lady: The Proof

Western Days was fun, but it wouldn't have been complete without my kids rockin' it at the Los Lonely Boys' concert. The best part wasn't when they grabbed a couple other kids and beckoned them to join in the side circus...the best part was when they convinced a drunk lady to join in the dancing with them.

She was wild. She was carefree. She had a beer in each hand. She made sure to tell me to always let my children express themselves through singing and dancing.

I wasn't arguing with her one bit.

Now technically we weren't supposed to bring in video cameras to the concert and I believe the point was so concert-goers didn't record Los Lonely Boy songs and try to make money off of the songs or post them all over the internet. My question was simply how in the heck were they going to enforce such a rule when almost everybody nowadays has some sort of video on their cellphones and digital cameras. So, I had to go into stealth mode to get video of my kids dancing with the drunk lady. It wasn't easy...I was right underneath the police command tower.

I am glad I did get the video, and don't worry Los Lonely Boys or whoever signed y'all--the video quality is crappy and only 45 seconds long. Bite me.

Here's the video proof:

(Feed readers may need to go to site to watch.)

PS: In honor of today's post I am making Beer Butt Chicken...aka Drunk Chicken for dinner. Find the recipe for Beer Butt Chicken here on Phoo-D's site.


Expat From Hell said...

I think some days we all want to be the drunk lady. On other days, we want to be the kid. Great post, and very creative. You are a free spirit, and you know how to "go with the flow"....EFH

Anonymous said...

The look on your hubs face is priceless. He should warn the kiddos that real cougars rarely wear animal print and dance barefooted. Loved this one!

Karen said...

That was awesome!!!!

DangGina said...

Because I remind people of one Elaine Benes, I'd have to get smashing drunk in order to dance in the streets surrounded by people.

I don't drink.

But I totally enjoyed "The Proof."

Drunk ladies are awesome. :)

Screwed Up Texan said...

EFH, I figure we've all got to live a little and if that meant letting the kids dance then I was going to let them.

Anon, So True! That bit of advice will probably come in handy when we go hiking.

Karen, Next time I go up to UT, we'll have to hook up and have a night out on the town.

DangGina, She was awesome wasnt she!

Candance said...

I love that drunk lady.

Mindee said...

Oh good grief!

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