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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Note to Son's Teacher

By now I am sure my sons' teachers think I am a crazy old lady. I sort of feel sorry for them that they have to have a wacky person like me as one of their students' mother. For at least a week now my Kindergartner's teacher has been asking for photographs of my child doing things that he likes so she can share them at school. I've been procrastinating sending the photographs with my child to class, because of course that meant that I'd have to actually get the photos printed.

But thanks to Walgreens my child's teacher can now view the lovely photographs. Here they are for you to enjoy--notes included:

"For full effect, please read in order. It's funny, I promise. --Mom"

Trent likes to look for rocks. He HATES cacti.

Trent likes to learn about ancient people and visit where they used to live.

Trent LOVES Dr Pepper!

Trent likes to visit The Cadillac Ranch, because he loves cars.

Trent likes to climb rocks, but he still HATES cacti.

OMGosh. Too many cacti. Trent loves to hike, but this is a virtual hell.

Trent LOVES Texas!

Trent loves to hike on sand dunes. Trent loves his hat, but hates it when sand gets in it. Trent loves his brothers, dad, and dog, Lily.

*Afterthought: Oops on this one...teacher might think now that my kid doesn't love me. Although if this attempt at being funny goes downhill, she might not like me too.

Trent loves to go to the lake.

Most of all, Trent LOVES playing at school!

Maybe I am a crazy old lady.


Auntie Em said...

hurray for crazy old ladies! I think what you did was awesome!

andie said...

this is probably why i don't have kids... to spare any teachers out there

DangGina said...

Trent is a cute boy. And your letter is going to be a nice break of hilarity after reading what all the boring moms put. PS I LOVE the Dr. Pepper picture, and the picture of Trent playing at school. Seriously cute kid.

Trac~ said...

LOL - I LOVE the pictures! :o)

Mindee said...

I am also terrible about getting pics printed. It drives my mother crazy.

I'll bet the teacher got a kick our of these.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Auntie Em, the one time in my life it's okay to be crazy and old! Whoot!

Andie, Ha!

DangGina, You should find the photo with him helping me make crawdaddies. About the same face...

Trac~, Hope she gets a kick out of them too.

Mindee, With you working at a school, I feel so much better with you seeing them first. I hope she snorts coffee or whatever drink she has at the time. B/c she'll be laughing that is.

Lisa said...

There is nothing wrong with being a crazy old lady...I can't wait for that day...uhh, wait...some young ones might think I am one already!!
lol...this was too cute

ForeverRhonda said...

I love those pictures and the letter! Almost convinces me to move to Texas! (my other half will love to hear that!) Don't worry my son is in 4th grade and ALL of his teachers know I'm a crazy mom. They like me anyway...I think.

Jennifer said...

haha i enjoyed this post. sounds like his teacher is dry if they don't like it. :P

Screwed Up Texan said...

Lisa, Well okay so I am not that old...but you're right--the youngins think we're over the hill.

ForeverRhonda, Hi five to us crazy ladies!

Jennifer, I concur. I hope she gets a good chuckle.

Karen said...

I think you rock! I love that you would be so good to put all of that together. Trent will never wonder how much you love him.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Karen, I was thinking about making the photo letter thing a recurring theme. Perhaps every couple months send out a new one? lol

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