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Monday, September 21, 2009

Acting Our Wage

Almost since we first moved back to Texas in 2003 my husband and I have been mowing lawns and using the money we have earned to pay off debts. Usually it is The Hubs who is out sweating in the hot summer heat, but when he has several lawns that need to get done at the same time I will jump in and help by mowing while he weed-eats, edges, and blows. Quite a difficult task when you also have three young boys that need to be watched while you're busy sweating.

However, this year we put the boys to work.

While I mowed approximately half an acre, my husband hedged the bushes and the boys picked up the trimmings and put them in the trash cans.

We even discovered the boys make great trash compactors and quietly wondered to ourselves why we hadn't thought of having them help out before.

Yes, the work is hard and oftentimes I sweat at least six cans of coke out of my armpits and back, but the incentive that keeps me going and mowing is knowing that one day I will be financially free Dave Ramsey style. In fact, this last Saturday we made the last payment on our truck--the second vehicle we've paid off by mowing lawns and doing odd jobs.

As for those car commercials I hear on the radio and see on the television--they sound so differently now. It feels so good to me to Act Our Wage. Hence why I own America's Ugliest Chef's Kitchen:

However, the kitchen will have to wait  for now as we have a few more dollars to earn mowing.

Just keep your fingers crossed my 1974 range doesn't blow out on me before then. Obviously one of my kitchen drawers already has.


Jann said...

I love this term "Acting Our Wage". Did you hear this somewhere or just make it up? Because if you made it up, you'd better trademark it! By the way...I love your blog!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Jann, I heard it on the Dave Ramsey show. On the other hand I do need to get, "Who Needs Men When There's Ice Cream Makers" slogan TMd. Just don't tell The Hubs I said that...

Marylin said...

Love this post!! Such great perspective!! We have a sign in our house that says "The most important things in life, aren't things." and I think you have that down pat!!

Mindee said...

Good for you. I wish we had that amount of fortitude.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Marilyn, Love that quote and it is SO true!

Mindee, Well your daughter must..picking corn cause I am not sure I could handle that.

Anonymous said...

Landscaping - that's a great idea to earn more money! How great does it feel to not have to make a car payment?! We just paid off one of our cars and it felt awesome.

Candance said...

You go, Girl! I'm jealous of you, blown kitchen drawer and all. You and your husband are very smart to do what you're doing!

KMDuff said...

Big Dave Ramsey fans here too. :) Way to be working hard! Awesome!

MWalters said...

Harder, better, faster, stonger.
Good for ya Screwed Up Texan, you are now part of my discovery!

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