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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time is Like a Handful of Sand

The number one thing I like the most about this school year so far is time. Up until three mornings ago, nearly every day I slept in until 8:30 am, slowly stretching my arms and arching my back all while lazily wrestling with myself to throw off the covers and get out of bed. My body wanted to relax, and yet my mind was terrified of what havoc my children had already wreaked in the kitchen and their rooms. Many more times than I'd like to admit did I awake from a peaceful slumber and find all the cushions off the couches and transformed into a fort and a half gallon of milk spilled on the kitchen floor. The thing is that I could not get angry with my children over these infractions because:

1.) I should have gotten up out of bed earlier.
2.) Forts are just too dang cool.

I think the worse time was when all three of my boys got up at 4 am during a thunderstorm not because they were scared of the lightening and thunder, but because they were hungry. Between the claps of thunder we could hear rumblings and crashes in the kitchen. At first, we thought perhaps our dog or some other animal was running loose inside. Instead we found six eyeballs staring back at us through the flickering of light raiding the pantry. Of course, I pretended like I was asleep while I let the hubs take care of it. Oh and I guess I shouldn't say we since I was actually in bed.

I love those moments.

Monday was a day of new direction as well as a welcome relief. I've often told myself how much I'd love to homeschool my kids, but that I am too slothful to make a syllabus for educating my children. Instead, I find ways to voice my opinions on the mountain of paperwork that my children inevitably bring home the first week of every school year. Understandably, the school teachers usually hate me for the first week as a result of my sarcastic scribbles which I hastily write on these forms my children and I are supposed to sign. My favorites that my five-year-old and six-year-old are expected to sign:

1.) Commitment to Not Look at Pornography while surfing the school's internet form, 'cause you know five-year-olds have such a hard time with that.

2.) Ethnicity Survey which if I refuse to fill out the school then has to make an educated guess as to what race my children are. I sure hope they're good guessers...

Perhaps I have too much time on my hands?

I also realized Monday just how much time I have to get chores done around the house. So far I've gotten caught up on the laundry, vacuumed the once camouflaged carpet in my bedroom, experimented with several new recipes, gone out to lunch with my youngest and husband at the same time, as well as taken my youngest to a playdate for a couple hours. All in the three days that my oldest two have been in school I have accomplished more than I have in two weeks during the summertime. Life has been sweet. Time has been gracious.

Time is like a handful of sand: the tighter you grasp it, the faster it runs through your fingers. --unknown


boots said...

"find all the cushions off the couches and transformed into a fort and a half gallon of milk spilled on the kitchen floor"
believe it or not this is havoc you will so miss one day! Forts! ahhh i loved the forts,

sorry but the public school system tends to make me have very sarcastic responses to just about every form they send home lol, let them guess!

LoveFeast Table said...

My youngest of four will be in all day school for the first time this year. In a couple of weeks, the chaos will calm, the shoes will be put away, the cereal boxes on their sides...neatly put in the pantry, and soccer balls back neatly in their bin, and it will be quiet! and I can get all I need to be done, done...but, I know, I am saying goodbye to a chapter...a sweet messy chapter. -Chris Ann

Auntie Em said...

chores? you're going to do chores?!

WhosPlayin said...

I'm glad to read this. I must admit that I've come in to my share of forts and spills due to my slothfulness. It's just so damn good when they get old enough to feed themselves and leave you alone in the morning.

BTW, you know what bothers me about the school stuff: I meant to blog about this, but why does the school think they can specify what brand of school supplies I buy? Kleenex brand? I think not. Crayola brand Original washable markers? Nope - you get Office Depot brand.

Everyday Girl said...

Forts!I did that to my mom, I guess its time I experience a floor full of cushions too. My only son goes back to school in a weeks time.... I will miss my sleep too! When he gets out of bed before I do, he goes to the neigbors for breakfast!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Boots, It's all about cherishing the small moments...including the messes right?

LoveFeast Table, I'm still hoping that by the end of this week that my house will be clean.

Auntie Em, I know for real!

WhosPlayin, This is an issue we and most parents can agree on. Who cares if it's off-brand or not...

Everyday Girl, Your kid goes to the neighbor's for breakfast? LOL!

Mindee@ourfrontdopr said...

Yup. I need the structure as much as they do too. And that's why we don't homeschool either!

Elle said...

Are you sure you're not visiting at my house? My kids do the pillow forts, complete with all the snacks they can snatch (in lieu of a healthy breakfast, of course) and generally rain down terror on the household until I drag my self out of the bed in the mornings. I've been looking forward to the school year just so I have that structure to force me up...I'm too lazy to do it on my own. And isn't it crazy that after kids 8:30 is a late waking time?

Candance said...

Ahhh, yes, the notes to school. Grace's school receives one each year saying that we don't spank, so if she acts a fool and needs one to call me. The new one this year is that we believe experimenting on animals, dead or alive, is cruel, therefore Grace won't be dissecting the frog or sheep heart or whatever this year. I bet they see those things and think, "I wish that damn hippie would SHUT UP!"

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