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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rediscovery in Canton, Texas

It's those small discoveries in life that I usually remember and cherish the most--like finely minced fresh rosemary in garlic mashed potatoes and the sound of my youngest son trying out singing a popular song for the first time even if it is a Miley Cyrus ballad. Although I must admit that I do love that particular song delivered by Miss Cyrus: The Climb. Which means I now have three vocalists in my family--and unfortunately, I am not one of them.

This last weekend I received the honor of identifying two new passions. After my gracious opportunity to zip-line at WIRED! in Canton, Texas (I'll have more on my first experience ziplining in a later post) I discovered my passion for shopping at trade shows at the First Monday Trade Days in Canton. Each of the booths were filled with eye-candy for me in the form of wares for sale by multiple vendors.

Some of my favorite items for sale include the many varieties of antiques such as these dishes:

and large booths the size of rooms filled with handmade crafts like these:

I love this handcrafted mosaic:

and I adore this tinwork:

Seriously, I could have gotten lost in this place. More than once I flitted with random excited fickleness as my eyes caught hold of sparkly jewelry and funky wares such as the Beer Butt Chicken Cooker:

Only at a trade show is something like a Beer-in-the-Rear Chicken Cooker bound to pop up for sale (okay, I know that is not entirely true, but keep with me now).

What I really wanted was one of these cowgirl hats. I picked out the blue one, but the hubs made me put it back telling me I would look silly wearing it. He's probably right though with my big head and all--big as in circumference if you must know. Perhaps I should have tried one of these on instead? You know warmed him up to the hats?

Most of all, I enjoyed myself for the day with my husband. It is one of our rare moments without the boys to spend a little together time. I think that is truly what I discovered--or rather rediscovered--is how much I enjoy being with the biggest love of my life.

However, my four-year-old's singing was pretty cool too. Here's Miley:

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Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Beer butt chicken ROCKS!

ziptheusa said...

Great pictures of Canton and the treasures you saw while there. Isn't it amazing that this happens each and every month? I have a feeling you'll be a regular now. So glad you and your hubby enjoyed your "daycation" and be sure to stop by and see us next time you make it out to Canton.

f8hasit said...

"rediscovery of the biggest love of your life'...

...that pretty much says it all right there.

But darlin', if you want a blue hat, damn well buy yourself a blue hat. No matter what Hubs says.

It will be then that you find out if he truly loves YOU. That;s when he says,
"Gawd you look great in that blue hat..."


The zipline sounds fun. Might have to make a trip down there with Wired as a destination!

Raine said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I love fairs

NitWit1 said...

Canton I missed the whole time I lived in Texas. What a loss for me.

Wired looks like a lot of fun

Screwed Up Texan said...

Mindee, That is what we always called it. I have to agree that it does rock!

Zip the USA, We had so much fun at WIRED! We couldn't have picked a better group to go with and the guides were so knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you!

f8hasit, I think the biggest problem was shopping with my cheapwad husband. Next time I gonna get me a hat!

Raine, Can't wait to go back!

NitWit1, I still cannot believe how HUGE the First Monday Trade Days is in Canton. Definitely worth a second trip. And WIRED! is worth many many more.

Paulina said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have been checking out your blog since it was a 'blog of note' and I absolutely love it! Your writing is witty, funny and real! Thanks for the great reads! (I plan on reading your book online too!)

ps: this fair looks awesome! I will be doing the "300 mile yard sale" (goes from alabama to ohio) in august. Although, I won't be doing all 300 miles, I am sure I'll run into at least a couple cowboy hats and possibly a beer in the rear cooker!


the nightingale said...

Love the stuff. I think the pink cowgirl hat would look cute. :) I'm a pink freak. Probably will pass on the Beer-In-The-Butt dinner, and that'll leave more for someone else that's more appreciative of things like that. :)

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