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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Montgomery Gentry Bragging Rights

Warning: This Post Contains Lots of Boasting.

Brag #1: So, I was feeling totally awesome and cool last night. Fellow local blogger, Shauna from (and her hubs), Gretchen from Texan Mama and me (and my hubs), got together for some partying time at the Montgomery Gentry concert at Gilley's in Dallas. We had priority access and as such got to stand in the special line until we decided to go to the bar for drinks (Dr Pepper for me of course in case you were wondering). We sort of lost track of time which meant that by the time we went back outside the line was all the way around the building.

No fear for us--cause we're bloggers. We got moved to the front of the line. Whoot!

Brag #2: I totally parked right next to Eddie Montgomery's bus.

Confession: If this was Kenny Chesney's bus, I would have totally jumped that fence and broke his door down. That alone would have been worth jail time.

Brag #3: There was a huge projector screen that allowed us to text messages on it in graffitti. The promotion for this event was the Summer Krush Tour and new Samsung Jack. Shauna got a Samsung Jack. I was jealous. Nontheless, we texted our blogs on the screen--gotta have some time for some shameless self-promotion, right? loves Montgomery Gentry

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What I learned: Apparently if you text "butt" your text won't go through as it will be tagged as foul language. This makes no sense as Montgomery Gentry used plenty of curse words worse than butt. Also, how the heck does butt not go through, yet

Who Brings a Baby to a Concert


Jesus is Sexy

couldn't be manually deleted?


Brag #4: I totally threw a glowstick into the crowd. It probably hit someone. That someone was probably so drunk that they didnt notice.

Brag #5: After the concert, I had a case of the munchies and made my husband stop at Racetrack and get me a jumbo hotdog and a bag of chips...cause my hubs is so cheap he wouldn't let me buy nachos at the Montgomery Gentry concert.

I probably shouldn't brag about being a pig though.



Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Looks like fun! Who does bring a baby to a concert though? That would ruin all the fun!

cfoxes said...

Was Trace Adkins there too? I saw Montgomery Gentry a few years ago and they ROCK!

Raine said...

that graffiti think looked mad fun!

Candance said...

I bet the person who took the baby to the concert felt like an idiot when they saw that question up there. Maybe not since they thought it was okay to bring a baby to a bar.

I once knew a boy who looked like Jesus that was sexy.

I am so hungry and now I want a hot dog.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Mindee, We had a blast!

cfoxes, Trace was not there...that I know of.

Raine, You know, it took me a whole day to figure out why were texting to "JACK." Jack is for the Samsung Jack. I am only a little slow. Graffiti was cool though.

Candance, Oh yah...well try eating a hotdog at 1 am. Mmmmm.

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

How fun!! Now I know who Montgomery Gentry is. ha!

the nightingale said...

Sounds like lots of fun. I gotta know: who tried to text a "butt"? :)

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