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Monday, August 31, 2009

TIME'S UP! Meadow Springs: Environmentally Friendly Maintenance

With "green products" being all the rave currently from light bulbs to shopping bags to cleaning products, it can be hard to determine which products are useful and which ones actually work. From time to time I am contacted by companies wanting me to promote their products, and I have always been very careful to choose those products which I think are useful to my readers and which I would actually use if the opportunity arose.

One of these green companies that recently contacted me was Meadow Springs, a manufacturer of an environmentally safe septic tank maintenance product. Now I understand that a lot of my readers don't have septic tanks, but perhaps you know someone who does--a family member, friend or coworker. Meadow Springs Septic Tank Maintenance product is yeast based and contains no bacteria which can be caustic to septic tanks. Eventually everything that you pour down the drain or flush down your toilet will make it into the environment, so why not choose wisely what you dump into your plumbing if you have the choice?

I haven't tried this product, but according to Meadow Springs' website:

"Bacteria that naturally exist in your septic system break down solid waste over time.
It takes strong, healthy bacteria to efficiently break down the solid waste that fills up your septic tank.

Meadow Springs consists of active yeast, natural enzymes and yeast nutrients that are rich in vitamins. Meadow Springs works to feed bacteria, making the bacteria stronger and healthier in order to be more effective at breaking down solid waste - so you don't need to empty your septic tank as often.

It's as simple and natural as that!"

Give Away

If you are interested in a safer, more natural way to maintain your septic system or if you are looking for a great alternative or gift for a friend or family member that has a septic tank, then enter the give away below to win SIX Months worth of product for FREE. Just leave a comment below with one tip/fact on maintaining a septic tank from Meadow Springs' website found HERE.

Only one entry per person, please. Give away ends this Friday, September 4th, 2009 at NOON CDT. Winner will be chosen by and will be announced on this post. Good luck!

TIME'S UP! Thank you for entering this giveaway. Congratulations to Devi! Please send me an email at screweduptexan AT gmail DOT com to claim your prize!


Devi said...

• Avoid root damage by keeping trees at least 100 feet from the septic system.

and boy howdy is this ever true!! just because your septic field is green doesn't mean you should plant things in/on/near it.

mtpeke said...

Avoid root damage by keeping trees at least 100 feet from the septic system

as the prior person reported..this is a true one. We treat our system monthly

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