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Thursday, June 25, 2009

You Are Not Alone: My Tribute to Michael Jackson

There are certain moments in my life that have left a lasting impression upon me. Inspired teachers leading and directing my talents and intuitive friends who reached out to me in the most difficult times of my young life. Although without my own personal faults, without those kind and encouraging people I may not be the same person I am today.

When I lived in Oklahoma as a young teenager I faced depression and hopelessness for the first time in my life. I didn't know how to react, and so often I found myself acting out in less than desirable ways. I was often uncontrollable and headstrong. I often cried myself to sleep at night.

However music, music soothed my soul.

So I found myself one night in early August 1995 mesmerized by the latest popular song playing on the radio. My only friend and I would call the local station up repeatedly and request You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson every night. We were two silly girls having fun together as young girls do and dreaming about boys and life down in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

However, there was something special about that song my friend and I requested each night to me--something that spoke to me on a personal level. I felt alone. I felt unloved. I felt cold and empty. I felt I had too much to bear. Then I would hear the lyrics--lyrics such as: I am here with you, I can hear your prayers, I am here to stay, and You are not alone. Even if it was 2:45 in the morning.

And then, at the news of Michael's passing today, I freakin' bawled my eyes out--and I am not even pregnant or menopausal.

You are not alone.

Michael Jackson 1958-2009
May You Rest in Peace


JohnRH said...

If you find yourself struggling with loneliness, you are not alone. And yet you are alone. So very alone.

Screwed Up Texan said...

This tribute has been moved down one post.

Auntie Em said...

Its an amazing song and though I did not agree with some of the things he did his music was amazing and he shaped so much of how we listen to music today. I hope that he finds peace in the here after.

the nightingale said...

No. You're not alone. :)

mrsrstjr said...

His personal life aside... he was an amazing person. He will never forgotten.

Raine said...

Its great to hear about someone actually being touched by music. Its one thing to say someone is a great musician, but for a song to be meaningful to someone is special.

Lee Beth said...

Who knows what he did or didn't do, either way his music everyone knew, and that was a really good song.

tcyarbs said...

I share your love of music; and the way it touches my life. There is something quite universal about it to me.

Great post!

Jeff and Anna too! said...

I saw your blog on Blogger Buzz-I live in Texas so I had to see what it was about!

Ah I'm so glad you miss Michael too-I've been running into a few who didn't like him and I hate hearing that. It's not polite to talk about those who have passed, you know? Bless your heart-love the blog.

Hope you get back on your ten speed!

Anonymous said...

Yea...I've been hearing alot about Micheal Jackson on the radio...yet only a few years ago, was he not hated by the media and believed to be a child molester, I guess it took his death to remind people of his music...cuz I hadn't heard anything from Micheal Jackson in years, until this weekend...

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