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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Springtime Hidden Treasure

I have a secret springtime sanctuary tucked behind others' view. It is my spot and I go each year to indulge in its sweet serenity. Not many know about my secluded area and I have sworn my husband to secrecy about its location.

My husband, bless his heart, made the mistake last year of revealing my hidden treasure to my neighbor, Argentina from Guatemala, and he hasn't heard the last of my grief about doing so. Now she hasn't been out there yet that I know of, but the day she does is also the day my husband doesn't hear the last of me.

This special sanctuary has become a favorite family activity location for my children. My kids have been begging me for over a month now to go to this place--each day on the verge of tears, because the timing wasn't right.

Timing is of the essence. Too early or too late and the treasures won't be ready to grasp. Watching and interpreting is essential. Planning is essential.

Then, one day and sometimes unexpectedly, the treasures are prime for the picking.

That's when my children and I fill our buckets with wild blackberries--my children always eating more than they pick. The evidence of purple stains on our faces, shirts, and hands tell of our adventures blackberry picking.

I hear my secret spot will soon be bulldozed and a housing development going in its place. One good thing about the economy being bad right now is that I've seen no contractors or bulldozers at my secret spot.

I'll keep my fingers crossed my secret stays a hidden treasure for just a few more years. If not, I know of another place.


EllieGee said...

Can you dig that blackberry bush up and bring it home?

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I am so, so jealous.

Can you transplant a bush or two to your yard?

Shellgirl said...

Dewberries! And they haven't come out very well here this year. I'm jealous.

Chef E said...

Awww come on, share with me, I promise to not tell, or at least lets meet there when I come...kind of reminds me of that book, 'My Secret Garden'...

Screwed Up Texan said...

EllieGee and Mindee...I actually did last year and the plants grew six feet tall. I'll get many more blackberries next year...yeah!

Shellgirl, are they dewberries or blackberries? I guess I am still not sure over the difference between the two. In this spot, some plants ripen early and some late.

Chef E, Mmmm they are so good. I wouldnt even confess to a priest where these babies are.

KMDuff said...

Mmmmm, I love blackberries. So yummy and what a fun secret!

Stuckistartist said...

I'm new to this blog stuff. Your story cheered me up lots. I have a son who is the apple of my eye, sadly I haven't seen him for two years due to a horrid mother denying me contact. The story about the sting made me smile and reminded me of the happy times I did spend with my boy.

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