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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Never Give a Hooligan a Dr Pepper

I don't know about you, but when I was a little girl my mother always told me to make a pretty face when in front of the camera as my siblings and I always had the awful habit of acting like hooligans in our family portraits. Heck, we behaved like hooligans any moment we got.

For instance, while at church during a Primary Presentation (children's presentation in front of congregation), my twin brother and I decided to sing as loud as we could off key and stick our tongues out on purpose to embarrass our parents. There we went along singing some children's Jesus song with our eyes rolled back in our heads and at least one of us cracking up in front of hundreds of members of our congregation during worship services.

Yes, I am one of those insane people who to this day thinks that memory is hilarious. Sue me.

As I mentioned above, my twin brother in just about every single family portrait is making a dorky face. Reminds me of my children while on vacation last week--I have over a dozen goofy face children photos and perhaps two regular face photographs.

This is where I plead with my boys to please smile sweetly into the camera.

Then after what seemed like a gazillion snaps I gave up and went with the flow.

Someone remind me not to bring Dr Pepper on my next road trip.


Katie Bug said...

I have got a friend who goes crazy whenever he gets any kind of soda and that last picture looks like him when he gets crazy. Kids are so much fun.

Melissa said...

What cute kids! I remember goofing off in church with my sister when we were younger--heck, we sometimes do (although more subtly) even now :P

Fun post! :)

Anonymous said...

wow, kids are fun aren't they.. I'm an Aunt and usually im the one making funny faces. Sometimes you just have to live life to the fullest through funny faces. I really enjoyed this post!

chicamom85 said...

The pictures are adorable and someday you can use them to your advantage.


Expat From Hell said...

Now I understand my insanity! Thanks for posting this. I can now place the blame fully on Dr. Pepper. Even in California, I learned to depend on the beverage for my (in) sanity from a young age. That explains the photos!

Great post. And great kids!


Tazana said...

Love the photos and the comment about church...I still sing off key now in my loudest voice...Just keeping it real!!

Boomka said...

Oh man this reminds me of a picture my family took at christmas in the bahamas. It was a beautiful photo... until we got it back and saw that I was making a ridiculous face and my parents got pretty mad at me for screwing up the photo. It took a while to get out of the dog house on that one! Great pics!

Anonymous said...

My baby is only 4-months old, but I do have this to look forward to! I just love your pictures!!

Cate O'Malley said...

LOL - too funny - adorable pics!

Maranatha said...

Your story reminds me of the time my 3 yr old sister yelled at the Catholic priest as he said the communion blessing. It was Easter Sunday and we were late--had to sit in the extra fold out row at one of the biggest & most crowded churches in town. As the priest did his chant over the bread & wine my sister yelled out at the top of her lungs, "STOP SINGING!" I refuse to let my daughter use that phrase to this day; I am so scared that she will follow in her aunt's footsteps!

jk. said...

love all the pictures you take :). im fifteen and im reading comments from parents - i feel just a tiny bit insignificant right not haha. but i look after my two younger brothers and i think know how you feel(?). once i came home from school to find my entire room covered in lotion and makeup. yay. :P

Marie Burton said...

Came here by way of "Blog of note" congrats..
And had to see what another screwed up Texan wrote about. Fun pics of the boys. Dr Pepper is a way of life in Texas. You just can't deny it.

Karen said...

I love the faces!!! I think your memory is funny too!!!

Cayon de Chelly?

Awesome Apollo said...

Those kids look like they are trying to get stress out of you. You should rest some bit. And BTW I still crack at sermons.

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